How's your state rank re: consumer access to wine?

Washington would be an A+ with retailer shipping; I thought there were no restrictions to out of state retailers.

Utah, OTOH, is a wine lovers nightmare.

Well, my state ranks #43 (woo Massachusetts!), but the details that I read about the two states that affect me (MA and CT) were both riddled with misspellings and factual errors, so maybe we should take this report with a grain of salt.

The NY rating strikes me as extremely low.
Perhaps living in NYC changes this a bit, but I couldn’t care less than I can’t buy wine in a grocery store. In addition, allowing retailers and restaurants to re-sell wine acquired outside of the 3 tier system (auctions, private collections) is a huge plus. Neighboring CT, where I used to live, got the same grade, and CT clearly has a worse system.

I have to agree with the F ratings for PA and DE. It is awful here. I was surprised to see NJ so low as it is way better across the DE river in my opinion.

This report states “Texas doesn’t arbitrarily restrict wine sales on Sundays” this isn’t correct, all liquor stores are closed on Sundays and wine/beer can’t be sold until 12:00.

This report is wrong as to Texas. The fact that it is illegal to ship from out-of-state retailers is the #1 most important issue for me, and the report is generally wrong as to BYO. My understanding is that only restaurants without a liquor license are permitted to allow BYO (i.e., restaurants serving only beer and wine can allow BYO). That limits BYO options severely, to the point that I can name only a couple of the high-end Houston restaurants that allow BYO. The three-tiered structure here also makes wines obnoxiously expensive. I used to live in CO, which gets an F, and I think TX wine laws are much worse.

WA doesn’t allow retailer to ship to consumers? what?
i have retailers ship me all the time…

about half the stuff listed for Ohio is wrong, I would not trust their information thereby.

I wish I would have kept a spreadsheet all these years of the missed deals due to shipping to Texas, I’ll bet the dollar amount would be shocking.

Disagree with this rating for NJ, plenty of byob restaurants, access to almost any wine through the stores, and some of the best prices. Yes no grocery store sales but so what.

This report was discussed on WB previously ( As is already apparent from this short thread, it’s riddled with errors. It’s really a bummer because I really support the idea behind this and efforts to finally get rid of antiquated prohibition laws, but there is a lot of room for improvement in this report and its methodology.

You are absolutely right. How in the world did Texas get such a high rating? They completely missed the BYO rules, and didn’t seem to weight the others properly. It helps if you have the facts right first, and then apply the rules as you say.

So I live in UT and MI…can’t get much worse.

There is an error as MI now allows corkage.

Count Illinois as another state they completely screwed up. Retailers can ship directly to consumers.

Oh no, that never happens Mark. [wink.gif]

For me the hot buttons are being able to receive wine from out of state and BYOB. I’ll happily pay the applicable taxes and corkage fees. I don’t care about Sunday sales and sales at grocery stores at all.

Wow. They could not have screwed this report up more. Is a paid gig?

As was stated in the other thread, it isn’t true that Massachusetts doesn’t allow grocery stores to sell wine. Tom Wark kind of addressed that, but the entry is definitely incorrect as it is stated. There was also a recent move to allow more licenses per business, and I think that allowance will continue to grow.

Also, New Hampshire does, in fact, have partial government control over wine distribution and retail sales. The distribution part is what really hurts the selection available within the state, making it the worst in the Northeast. Plus, the licensing fee and necessary record keeping basically prevents a lot of retailers from shipping to the state. Some are doing so without the license, but I don’t think that should count toward official consumer access. Having lived in both states, I would say NH with its A+ actually provides consumers about the same amount of access to wine (in terms of variety) as MA with its F grade. That’s speaking practically, not theoretically, and I am including selections from merchants who can legally ship in from elsewhere. It might be slightly better because of the shipping, but it’s certainly not at the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

It doesn’t seem like nearly enough fact checking was done.

I am glad i live in Denmark.We have no restrains,you can buy wine from anyone you want,and have it shipped from anywhere.I think i have read,that we have the higest number of wine importers in the world compared to citezens .Some of them are smal garage importers.So we have a great selection of wine from all over the World. neener