Howard Zeidler Has Left The Building

Ridge Vnyds was founded/started in 1959 when 4 SRI scientists bought this property up atop MonteBello Ridge. It just happened to have vnyds on it & Dave Bennion started making wines from them in his garage in PaloAlto. They bonded Ridge Vnyds in 1972. Hence Ridge’s 60’th Anniv this year.
One of those 4 was Howard Zeidler, a fellow scientist at SRI.
However, when you look at the Ridge WebSite, Howard is no longer mentioned as a founder.
Anybody know the backstory here?? Why has Howard become a non-person??
Response from Ridge pending.

Where is he no longer mentioned?
He’s hee

*Typo - bonded 1962

According to Fran, it’s more like she and Dave were the founders, with the two of them being most active in running the winery, with the three other couples, who were good friends and financial partners along in a supporting role.

There’s another part of their WebSite under 60’th Anniv that he is not mentioned at all.

Yup… certainly Dave was the moving force behind the project.

From the Ridge current WebSite:

[quote] Welcome to the Celebration of RIDGE

Three founding partners—Dave Bennion, Hew Crane, Charlie Rosen, all Stanford Research Institute engineers—purchased a piece of land on Monte Bello Ridge in 1959.[/quote]

The Bennion Trust oral history says he pulled out in 1967 (but then later became a shareholder).

My point with Fran is she’s rarely mentioned, while being more important than the other partners. Also, in the oral history, other partners make a point of it being four couples, not four men with their spouses tagging along.

Ridge’s official history is always written from a second generation perspective. They often seem to not be aware of a lot of facts and details of the early days.

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