How to think about different Burgundy producers

Just starting out my wine journey. Was wondering if there is an informal list that ranks some of the bigger burgundy producers the same way the Bordeaux classification did.

I keep hearing about tiers of Burgundy but other than the names of properties like DRC/Coche Dury/Leroy or large negociant houses I only have a murky idea of what the big obvious buckets are. I am not even sure what the relative reputation of the large negociants are - is it all property dependent?

And maybe it is hard/impossible given how small some of the producers are. But still was wondering if there is a top 50/100 list that is actually ranked in terms of reputation as I keep reading that there is a huge difference between the individual wine makers

if this has been addressed just send me a link!

Thank you!

Welcome. Sorry bro. Definitely not going to find a consensus list. You just need to hang out and read the boards for a few months and you’ll start to figure out where to focus. Anyway, is the top 100 Bordeaux list actually useful? Maybe if you’re chasing points, but certainly not if you’re trying to find wines that you like to drink.

I guess i was looking to figure if there were “go to” producers for putting away and drinking that reasonable people prefer. But after browsing through some of the boards i am beginning to realize that there is no such thing as “reasonable” in burgundy.

I guess what i was trying to get to that for example in Bordeaux there is a huge premium being paid for marquee names and you can drink very well for less if your goal is to enjoy the region v. using wine as a storage of value. So am trying to figure if such an approach can be used in Burgundy.

the difference seems to be the quantity and terroir…

but would greatly appreciate the advice what is good around $100-200/bottle sweet spot if anything. Based on what i am reading though the 100-200 sweetspot is now rapidly becoming the 200-300 sweet spot…

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Burgundy specifically goes by place rather than producer, so you easily find information on what sites hold grand cru vs premier cru vs village status. Producer comes second for Burgundy, and while producer does certainly matter, this terroir vs producer rank factor has been a long debate/difference between Burgundy vs Bordeaux. Clearly both matter, but there are some strong arguments to make that terroir (and really, agricultural practices) have the greatest overall impact on quality.

Disagree. Producer is everything if you want to drink well. I’d rather drink a village or 1er from a quality producer than a GC from one of the after rans.


Like many grape varieties, Pinot and Chardonnay can express themselves drastically differently depending on both producer and region.

I’d recommend exploring some of the different Burgundy villages of you have not already; especially in a comparative tasting format. Tasting the different villages side by side is not only helpful in beginning to understand the differences in the wines, but it also starts giving one a baseline understanding of what they are interested in in Burgundies.

It gives one both a baseline understanding of the wines and villages and the vocabulary of some of the differences. It then allows one to have a better compass way point and bearing to fine tune their exploration.

Say you find you really like more rustic Pinots. That might lead you to explore some villages, crus or producer over others. At that point one can more easily searching for information and asking more pointed questions and recommendations.

Agree. Producer producer producer.


Agreed 100%. But I think for someone just starting out, tasting various villages from quality producers is a quick way to develop a wide base of understanding on the range of stylistic differences Burgundy can have; and allows one to start to articular what it is they want/like in their Burgundies. At that point, one can start to explore more deeply. I’d argue that’s a more useful first step than diving into the say the differences between say, Roumier and Rousseau.

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I don’t disagree at all, just sharing that the “official” designations for burgundy place site over producer, as compared to say, Bordeaux, which prizes the opposite. In either case it takes great grapes to make great wine and a brilliant producer not to screw it up :wink:

Agree with what Rodrigo said. Start with village level wines of 5-10 producers, identify a few that work for you and go from there.

To get you going, see if you can get village level wines of the following - in no particular order

  1. Hudelot Noellat
  2. Hubert Lignier
  3. Joseph Drouhin
  4. Fourrier
  5. Robert Chevillon
  6. Henri Gouges
  7. Marquis D’Angerville
  8. Lafarge

BTW, there are a lot of old and good threads on this, both for red and white–top producers, vintages, qpr, etc. Search is your friend.

Unfortunately the new search relevance is terrible so it will be hard to find anything. It has lots of features, but doesn’t seem to ever return the thread I’m looking for. Most recently active? Nope. Highest number of replies? Nope. Random thread from 7 years ago that is about a completely different topic, but happens to use in one post a slightly similar word to the one I’m searching for? Pages of them.

I continue to use ‘search term’ + on Google as my main mode of finding things I’m searching for

Yeah I’ve tried that also. Still not as good as the old search.


Sorry to hear that, Andrew!

I guess I was lucky that I had no time to search myself. Perhaps one of the mods will weigh in?

Yeah I already mentioned it to Todd. But I seem to remember something about him being shortsighted, narrow minded and having little to contribute, so I don’t expect much. :face_with_peeking_eye: :face_in_clouds: :grin:

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I disagree vehemently. Even if you mean in terms of how the sites are “ranked” it is not good advice to suggest following those designations. You will miss out on Burgundy’s best producers that way!

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This is fantastic! Thank you!


Thank you for the list!