How to pair weed and wine

I’m just gonna leave this here and walk out:

As it becomes increasingly legally available, marijuana is shedding its shady rep and moving into a more refined role. Fancy people can now enjoy very fancy pot, and some of them are even pairing it with wine. Like any kind of pairing, personal taste and (in this case) tolerance play a big role, but there are some general guidelines you can use as a weed and wine pairing road map.

For weed and wine, you have to be willin’ to pair them with “whites.”

best when drivin’ from Tehachapi to Tonapah

I admit to having actually made that drive too many times.

Took the back roads.

Never done Tucson to Tucumcari, though.

Can you actually get droned?

Crazy stuff these days

Pair it with cheetos and twinkies.


So you wouldn’t get weighed?

Just heard Trouble out of the blue last week on the radio. I really miss that guy

Sauvignon Blanc baby - the big and aggressively ‘grassy’ ones, and…

Of course, Champagne, which goes with EVERYTHING, including…

That’s my future: medicinal weed & wine bar. Tendress must be named Alice.

Sign me up !

Ripple or
Strawberry hill or

Or at least follow it…

Dallas Alice

Chateau de la Critical Kush

I’ve found this is one thing Champagne doesn’t go with. Dryness of the wine is just too much for those who tend to get cotton mouth. Off-dry Reisling solves that problem though. Quite nicely.


It has been paired and united: I was told there is infused wine peacefully resting in storage until 2018.