How to celebrate your team's win- with champagne, in this case 2006 Taittinger Comtes

Yesterday, our beloved Kansas Jayhawks were playing an important basketball game against Baylor who they co-shared the Big Xll conference lead with along with Texas and there’s only 4 more games to go in the regular season.

The first half was a travesty and KU almost got blown out of the tub trailing by as much as 17 points at one time and 13 at halftime. And then the 2nd half started and it was all Kansas and the blow out got reversed as they won by 17.

We went from being subdued, disconsolate and irrational to being elated, ecstatic and sort of rational, whooping and hollering and high fiving about our home while wearing our lucky Jayhawk logo shirts.

It was time to celebrate and that means champagne in our home, but which one to pull? It took about 10 seconds to figure out the answer:

2006 TAITTINGER COMTES de CHAMPAGNE BLANC de BLANC- I’ve had over 100 bottles of this stupendous bubbly and it had been a while since the last bottle, maybe 4-5 months; also, I wanted to track where some of my bottles purchased over 5 years ago are going now that they have a bit of “age”; well, surprise, surprise; I expected to find more toasty notes from the Maillard reaction, but none to be found; in fact, this bottle seemed to be a “light weight” version with honeyed lemon, lime and orange now more evenly distributed as the initial lemon oil dominance has now balanced out with some orange peel coming in; speaking of balance, it was perfectly balanced and had that signature streak of bright acidity running all the way through; even the mouthfeel was different as it had a frothy, cotton candy like mousse; because of so many differences, I’m not sure if this one was any indication as to where other bottles are trending; however, it is truly still expressing elegance, charm and sophistication. I guess I’ll have to open another bottle soon to check for bottle variation. Maybe, after another crucial Kansas Jayhawk victory.



Rock chalk!

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A better close than “cheers” perhaps

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Indeed. Rock Chalk! A really fun second half. That Taittinger sounds like a nice way to celebrate!


When my team wins an important game it puts me in a good mood the rest of the day.

What better way to celebrate than with aged Comtes.

But I got bit by the variation bug earlier this month when I opened my first mag of the 06. A bit flat and meh, with a slight metallic tang.

Glad yours showed better…

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That’s a very nice way to celebrate the win. As it happened, I was visiting friends in Kansas City last weekend and we made the drive to Lawrence for the game. My first time at Allen Fieldhouse and learning about Rock Chalk. The place, especially during the second half, was completely insane. They have a decibel-meter on the scoreboard and I won’t disclose to my audiologist how high it went. I can see why its viewed as one of the temples of college basketball. A really great experience.

We were not able to celebrate the win with Comtes (or anything close), because we had to get back in the car and drive to the arena in KC to see Bruce and the E Street Band. Which was another kind of very fun insanity (and also not something to tell my audiologist). Not a bad 8 hours, even without the Comtes.

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What a great share. I love it. And, for this to be your first time inside the fieldhouse had to be very special. Hopefully, you got to see some of the history that lines the halls and the museum where the rules of the game are housed.

I’ve contributed to the decibel meter reading many times. Yes, it can be deafening, the kind that you experiment for days afterwards. I’.ve boarded many a flight with, post Rock concert, buzzing, ringing ears and have an opportunity to do so again as we are going back Friday for the last 2 home games. Maybe some ear plugs this time.
Rock Chalk. Jayhawk.

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@Blake_Brown If you aren’t already aware, there is a great and cozy little spot in Lawrence called ‘Pane e Vino.’ It is a wine bar run essentially out of a small apartment, founded by a concert pianist and professor at KU who is also a credentialed sommelier. They offer charcuterie with the wine and meals on (at least) Saturday and Tuesday nights. It’s a very personalized experience, so you can reach out to Michael in advance if you are interested in anything specific (he occasionally has some off-menu wines and things to try and loves to talk wine). It’s unlike anything else in the KC or extended surrounding regions, and you get excellent service with top quality stemware.

Wine Menu:

This amazes me, but also doesn’t, knowing you, and it’s a MASSIVE testament to the quality of this wine to know that you’ve enjoyed it that many times, as your expertise in Champagne is well known on WB

I’m still stoked to open one of my mags of this…

really? Since my visit then? That’s a long time for you :slight_smile: As always, wonderful note.

Thanks so much for the tip on the wine bar. I’m not aware of it, but will check it out. I stay with my sister who lives 25 miles away in Olathe and do not get around in Lawrence all that much of late.

BTW, I met a champagne geek lke me on this board many years ago {Jim Coley} who is from KC and now co-owns a champagne bar there. I’ve dined with him and another fried on a few occasions, but not been to his place. Hee’s a link:

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Thanks Todd. Mags are the way to go Good move.

@brigcampbell have you opened yours yet?

Yes, it was very good!

It’s like flipping a coin, will Comtes show up or something uninspiring? From a magnum so I’m really rooting for this bottle. Plus it’s the opening act for a huge champagne line up. Very fine bubbles. Sulphur and flint nose. Light oak, rich yellow fruit and soft mouthfeel. Lemon lime finish but not tart, slightly sweet. Good bottle

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Thanks! I live in KC proper, so I get to Ca Va a fair amount. It’s a terrific spot, and you are obviously in good hands!

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I love this wine, but sadly, my last bottle was corked! Looking forward to another opportunity…

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I’ve been here and it’s a great place! We enjoyed a Marc Hebrart Special Club with our brunch last year.

That’s a RARE thing, a corked '06 Comtes. I’ve not had one, but know it can happen. Good luck having only the best from here on Merrill.

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Great to hear you know about this place. Jim is super knowledgeable and equally passionate about all things bubbly [and beyond}. Please say hi to him for me next time there.

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I opened the 2000 version of this to celebrate the Chiefs win. Awesome champagne. Rock Chalk

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