How many large format bottles have you purchased?

I do own a Coravin and use it occasionally, but 375ml in a nice size for weeknights or when I want to pair more than one wine with dinner. Rather than coravin 375ml out of a 750, which is kind of a pain, I’d rather just open a half bottle.

I have a dozen or so. I have had a dozen or so for several years because I never open them. Not sure when I ever will.

All magnums: 43 purchased, 26 opened

Four mags, one double mag, one 6L.
The 6L was opened at a party a couple of years ago. I have never opened any others large than a 750.

I may buy smaller bottles of sparkling wine… heck no I’m not buying the $300 sparkling wine Coravin even if I could get it at a discount (I’m an authorized Coravin re-seller).

~180 purchased – mostly mags but a few 3L. 70 of the large formats remain, including all of the 3L.

Most of the large format bottles are/were champagne, but a few are/were burgundy and/or barolo/barbaresco.

I will definitely open them as a magnum of champagne is just about the right amount for one person.

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289 mags purchased, 113 opened.

31 double mags, 0 opened so far

A handful larger.

One magnum for an event and opened back in 2010…nothing else larger than 1L.

I could see it happening if I had another specific larger event in mind, but given the premium, I’ve always tended to purchase multiples of 750s instead.

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I’ve got 10 most of which are from the same place you don’t dare pass on as they are so limited/good and don’t dare sell them as you will drink em when they are ready no matter how much you could sell em for

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10 mags purchased. 4 barolo and 6 champagne. 1 champagne opened.

80 mags purchased, 69 remain
4 double mags purchased, 4 remain

We had a good sized gathering at the local wine storage/club a few weeks ago and I opened a mag of '97 La Jota Anniversary and it was actually really fun to open a big bottle like that and share. So I definitely have too many, but when a good time presents itself, it’s kind of a blast to pop a good one!

Wow, people have a lot of mags.

I also have a couple hundred (mostly Dom, Cristal, Taittinger and Krug) but have only opened maybe 10-20.

A few hundred large format, mostly, but not exclusively, champagne and Riesling.

Looks like 105 opened since I joined CT in 2005.

I’ve bought 8 magnums and consumed 5 including 3 at last year’s Friendsgiving. They definitely added to the sense of occasion.

The remaining 3 are from two wineries that no longer exist (Arcadian and Dirty & Rowdy), which makes them even harder to open in some ways. I have been eyeing the Arcadian mag, though…

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Currently have 183 mags and 5 3L. I have opened a lot of large formats over the years.

I enjoy non standard size bottles, both magnums and halves. The 2005 Batailley I opened on Boxing Day was corked, that was a terrible blow as I bought it EP and had been anticipating it for years. Still 5 left though.

Hardly ever bought large format, I prefer halves.

At the moment, left with 2 magnums (‘82 Pichon Lalande and ‘89 Leoville Las Cases).

I’m showing 138 left, not sure how many I’ve opened, but certainly a fair amount. Magnums are great and I’m always on a lookout for more. That includes reds and whites - I opened a mag of 1998 Levet at lunch recently and am very glad I have more.

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Purchased 289
Opened 14

I‘ also in the camp, no more mags…

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22 bought 10 remaining (all magnums).

I suspect most will be destined to be drunk with a group of friends who enjoy their wine, but also get a kick out of drinking from a magnum.

Of those remaining
2 are from Languedoc
3 from Cahors
2 from Barbaresco
1 from Pomerol
and the last one an eclectic purchase of a 1971 Harveys Bristol Cream

I must admit I’ve been tempted by German riesling in magnum size, as they look wonderful (and I enjoy what’s inside), but I’ve yet to buy one.