How many large format bottles have you purchased?

And roughly how many do you think you’ve opened?

CT tells me 28 purchased, 11 opened. All mags, nothing larger. Both of those numbers are a little higher than I would have guessed as my cellar is overwhelmingly 750s, with a growing number of 375s.

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200 +/- / 100 +/-

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Bottles purchased (98) / Remaining (69)

Even before Covid, it was always much harder to find occasions for those than I imagined when I bought them, and since Covid, I’m not sure I’ve opened a magnum of anything.


I couldn’t imagine anything larger than a mag for home get togethers. Corporate events or perhaps special events like a wedding I could see the use case.

Do you also use a Coravin? or do you prefer just buying splits? I get small formats as gifts and find that it’s the amount for the work week. I drink enough wine at work that I don’t really want to drink much at home.

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I feel this. I’ve seen some good deals on mags and I’m like oh!

Wait, I have no reason to open this.

15, including a 3L of aglianico from WTSO. Opened 12.

3 left: '18, '19, '20 Marcel Lapierre Morgon mags.

18 purchased, have 14 left.
I’ve opened 1 Cabernet magnum, 3 Champagne large formats including a double mag (Y2K).

Stopped buying them 10yrs ago unless it was the only way to get something I really wanted.

I have a few magnums - but only from four producers: Saxum, Lagier-Meredith, Ridge and Rhys. I have only opened several of the Ridge and Saxum magnums.

And then I have two 3.0L bottles of Patricia Green PN, just for fun. I am sure I will find the right family occasion to open them.

Wow, that’s commitment to aglianico. I’m getting more into southern Italian wines. Grillo is growing on me, but niche flavor for sure.

Might as well pop some bottles for the end of the world!

I only buy a handful and they usually get consumed at family events.
I get more excited about buying them, but then have a harder time consuming them. So I have backed off in recent years.
Odd habit though, I always save the empties.

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Maybe when we have “covid is over” holiday parties.

lol some people have been having those parties this entire time :stuck_out_tongue:

Magnums (for me) feel like presents you’re excited for the other person to open since you know it’s good/special.

Purchased: 9
Remaining: 9

Just birth year mags and 3L. Each of my daughters will have a 3L of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Barolo and Champagne… one or two of these 3Ls to open at their engagement/wedding/30th birthday party, the remainder for them to open as the please. No personal need for 1.5Ls as I started collecting at an older age than others on this board… I need faster maturing 750s not slower 1.5Ls… I do have a couple 1.5Ls of lower value ‘party wines’ which I have yet to open, but in retrospect I would have preferred faster maturing 750s…

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I’ve purchased around 45 and drunk around 20. Mostly champagne, and a few mags or Gonon back when you could still get those. My favorites based on shape are a couple of Willi Schaefer Rieslings I got a ways back. Those are cool bottles. I still have one.

According to CT, 309 purchased, of which 19 were 5, 6, or 9 liters. 24 remaining, including 1 5L bottle.

17 bought; 3 opened.

Most still need time anyway, though given the usual price premium and, as Chris points out the limited occasions for opening, I have really limited my purchases. Plus my magnum racking is being consumed by bottles of Champagne that don’t fit elsewhere . . .