How Many Bottles Will You Have at Peak?

How Many Bottles Will You Have at Peak? (include all cellars for private consumption)

  • <25, I only buy it when I drink it
  • 25-99
  • 100-249
  • 250-499
  • 500-999
  • 1,000-1,249
  • 1,250-1,499
  • 1,500-1,749
  • 1,750-1,999
  • 2,000-2,999
  • 3,000-3,999
  • 4,000-4,999
  • 5,000-7,499
  • 7,500-9,999
  • 10,000-15,000
  • Over 15,000

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As a follow-up to last week’s question about how many bottles you own, this week’s poll asks you to guesstimate how many bottles of wine you will own at peak.

So … How many bottles of wine do you think you will cellar at peak? (include all cellars for private consumption – under the stairs, closets, etc. count) [cheers.gif]

OK, I’m a little confused (but I’m easily confused). Do you want to know what sized cellar we consider our goal or ideal?

Yes, but adding reality in, given your individual constraints (income, future earning potential, expenses, etc.)

I really have no idea. I plan to slow down my rate of buying soon and focus on fewer but better bottles. So I am not sure how that extrapolates out over the long term.

I picked 1,000 to 1,249. I’m 46 now and have about 500 bottles. I would have more, but I have maxed out my present storage space. I have about 100 bottles in an off-site storage facility. My intention is to double or triple my present storage space, fill it up, and then gradually reduce my buying so that, about 10 years from now, I am drinking a little bit more than I buy.

Of course, 10 years from now I’ll probably still be interested in finding good deals on interesting wine. Accordingly, I will probably still buy a lot more than I drink. I will probably decide I really need 2,500 bottles so my descendants can inherit some of it. At that point, I will revive this thread and vote again.

I have around 550 right now and that’s really more than I need. I woud easily trade 200 of those for 50 bottles of wines that are more in my wheelhouse now. After lowering my purchases last year I somehow have purchased more this year. pileon My plan going forward is to only purchase from 2 mailing lists and buy a random few bottles here and there.

When I cross 1,500, the cellar floor starts to stack and I need to becomer a seller/flipper…or throw a very large party.

I can CRAM 450ish bottles in the CRAMMED Eurocaves.
Drinking must keep up with buying

This. I think I wanna follow this plan as best I can. I have about 650 and that’s too much already.

My goal is to have zero (0) bottles at peak, but i must say I’m not doing very well at hitting this one.

Hmmmm…have already leaped that threshold a time or two. Every time I swear, “I’ll never go past XXX bottles”, I blow thru that limit in short order. I really hope I can at least level-out and keep consumption in balance with purchases.

I am heading from 750 last year down to 650 this year with a goal of under 500 in two years. Presently we drink 360+/yr and buy 260+. With a 2/1 drink buy ratio and 2/1 daily to age worthy, the cellar should maintain a good balance. I could reduce the daily buying to zero to reach the goal sooner, but that’s not likely because of white and rosé purchases and those inevitable deals too good to pass up. Then there is Berserker Day.

This and the "curb your purchases thread’ got me to crunch some numbers. To answer this accurately, I need to somehow interpret the meaning of this graph:

have 2000 now figure a little growth in the next few years business ($$$) permitting

I’m there already…1,000-1,250. I’d like to trim that a bit because I have too much wine to drink each year. Now if I was entertaining more out of my cellar (i.e. business) the number would be higher.

Probably around 2,000, maybe a little more. I tend to prefer my wines with at least 10 years on them … so, yeah. The hard part will be slowing down the purchases a couple decades from now.


Way to many! Got carried away when I got hooked on the habit. I’ve been selling some (Bordeaux) but find myself buying from other French & Italian regions. Will definitely have to sell some Burgundy GCs in the future as it becomes difficult rationalizing consuming $200+ bottles on a weekly basis.

Fortunately I have been able to sell at a profit overall and intend to increase the number of premier cru & villages/normale bottles rather than grand cru type wines given rising costs of Burgundy/Rhone/Piedmont and age limitations…I don’t plan on leaving a cellar to someone.