How many bottles of Boone's Farm do you have

How many bottles of Boone’s Farm do you have?

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How many of these threads can we possibly have?

Maybe I’ll start a poll on Ripple or Annie Green Springs!! :slight_smile:

Howard - Don’t forget the possibility of the "How many bottles of pre-moxed white Burgundy do you guess you have?

OUCH!!! I hate to have to think about my answer to that question.

John, that would actually be an interesting poll.

Sorry. That was thoughtless of me.

I find TJ Swan more old world and cellar worthy.

What about Eye of the Swan?
Eye of the Swan.jpg

One and three quarters … maybe closer to one and a half.

I prefer the raspberry stylings of Stepping Out. It also burns less when you eventually puke it out.

Thank you, Howard.
Best, Jim

Actually, one. Given to me as a joke. Still sits in my cellar on display. $2.99 price tag proudly prominent.

For some reason this reminds me of my early experiences in wine. I was a couple years out of college and had “moved up” from Yellow Tail. I’d pick out a bottle or two every couple weeks at the local Cost Plus World Market. Probably for equal parts curiosity and to “impress women”.

I’d have a glass and then re-cork the bottle and stick it under the kitchen sink. He first girl I ever dated who was into wine asked me how long a particular bottle had been open. “A month or so?” I responded. I did not understand the look of horror on her face.

Will I now be excommunicated - having not drunk a single drop of that stuff ?

I forgot about this stuff.

I keep them with the Mateus.

BTW, flawed poll. Answer: Brett Favre

I have every month of Spanada …May 1968…July 1976…I am hoping the winery will re screw them for me.

I would register a small amount of personally disappointment about the devolution of the board into What [producer/category] Are You Drinking Tonight and How Many Bottles of [expensive producer] Do You Own and What Percentage Of Your Cellar is [fashionable category] threads.

It’s not my place to say who should post what or which posts are more worthy than others, but just solely for myself personally, I don’t really connect with that trend or those threads. Or maybe I should try reading through some of them and I’ll start to get it, but I basically just skip over those 99% of the time.

It’s a way of sharing common experiences and having fun.

I agree. It reminds me of the spectator board, which is basically just those type of threads.

Sadly I drank my last bottle in 1992. There hasn’t been a really great vintage since then. I am still waiting.