How is the weather affecting the grapes in the United States

What goes on in Nevada has no relation to California, I understand. But it seems even though it’s been hot it’s cooling off at night where I’m at.
Seems like good weather for wine making grapes. Nice acids. Did that cool spell screw up things? What about the heat spike?
just curious how things are going.

So far so good. Maybe one of the easiest growing seasons that I’ve seen in many years. I’d rather have a dry spring (within reason) than a wet one. And that’s what we had. Vines don’t like wet feet when they start to grow in the spring. Then we had that nice rain the first week of May. Although somewhat late, our bloom weather was very nice (not too hot or cold). Then the summer has played out pretty nice. Sure, we’ve had some heat spells, but they haven’t been too hot or lasted more than a few days. Now if we can just keep any serious rains away until about Novemeber 15th we’ll be golden! [truce.gif]

A bunch of the guys I spoke with in Napa over the wekend feel it will be a really late harvest. The grapes were very small and many cabs were still green.

What counts as serious rain? A half inch causes flash floods here in Nevada. There was a thread last year on the Squires board about Willamette Valley and I kept freaking out at the rain reports. Bob Wood even chided me.

If we had a half inch now it wouldn’t be great for some folks. Anyone with tight clustered/thin skinned varieties (Pinot, SB, Petite etc) would surely start to see some rot. If you had a second storm 10 days later, you’d be talking REAL trouble. hitsfan [swearing.gif] [cry.gif]

The guys I spoke to in the Santa Cruz Mountains said they are running real late.

We are running about even with Casey. It has been a near perfect year for us, weather wise. We are expecting to start harvesting Syrah in front of the winery the last week in Sept., which is normal for us. A couple of the higher elevation vineyards will be a little later. We are seeing the most uniform cropping ever, albiet small, but I’ll take it.

When Heidi Barrett was visiting, she told me she was looking forward to the harvest & though it’d be a good one. Sounds like it’s been going well in CA this year.

Great interview with her on WLTV. Very classy, down to earth woman.