How do you pronounce "Nahe"?

Nah hey?


Thanks in advance.


Naw-haw (like saw or raw) is as close as I can get.



Doug, the ‘h’ is silent.

It’s approximately Na as in Namibia, e as in esophagus, both vowels clearly pronounced:


When I heard Cornelius Donnhoff say it, it was essentially Na-huh, but the first h in huh was very soft. It was there though.


What David Bueker said. I asked Tim Frolich the same thing.

I massacre so many French/Italian/German words it’s not even funny.


You guys are right, the ‘h’ is very very soft rather than silent. It’s kind of necessary to tie the two vowels together, The ‘e’ is definitely not an ay-sound, and closer to my example of ‘e’ than the English ‘uh’.

How one perceives these things is very dependent upon one’s mother tounge, and none of us (?) are native German speakers. [wink.gif]


And I’ve heard some Germans pronounce it - NAY’ - HEY

I learned from two old mentors who were both German and long time experts on German wines. Local dialect is why the “He” or “Hey”. But these guys insisted and made me say it over and over and over - NAY’ - HE

I have never heard a single Nahe producer say NAY HE.

I pronounce it DON-hof.

You’re not alone…

Thanks to all for clearing this up. I’m trying to avoid butchering words also.


Well done!


listen to it:

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