How do Dr. Loosen Spatlese and Auslese stand up to the competition?

Have heard different reviews. Thanks.

In my subjective opinion their wines are good (even very good) but not as sophisticated as the top MSR producers.

I like Dr Lossen at the low end level better (Dr L and Blue Slate)

Very well made wines, right up there in the Mosel pecking order, but not my style.

Thanks, what is the style?

Extraction and intensity is more moderate and the definition of site is more muted than a few of the great producers - in my experience. Nevertheless very fine riesling at the Spatlese and Auslese levels with usually attractive pricing.

I find the wines a too soft and creamy for my liking.

Disclosure, I sell these wines in Ma. I think where Erni’s wines really excell are in the red slate vineyards. Urzig and Erden. His Erdener Treppchen has lots of structure. Probably the most structure in his line. He is arguably the best producer in Erdener Prälat which is one of the great vineyards of the Mosel. I probably buy more of his Ürziger Würzgarten than any other wine for myself. The 2007 Ürziger Würzgarten GK Auslese was, IMHO, the best of the range in that vintage.

I have a similar opinion as Salil - I find the wines too creamy in their youth. That said they are very well made & nothing at all to sneeze at. Different strokes and all.

Ken has a point about the Pralat. That’s the wine (the Auslese GK - when I can get it which is rarely) that I still like to buy.

I have a couple cases coming for my cellar of 2009 Erdener Prälat Grosses Gewächs which knocked my socks off when I tasted it over there. It’s the first dry wine he’s ever made from that vineyard.

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