How are things in Sonoma?

I’m talking wine industry-wise as well as generally. I haven’t been since late January when i visited a friend. I was heartbroken at the devastation when he drove me around.

Have people been coming back to visit? I was thinking about going to visit just to show some support.

We’ll be there Sat.
I’ll report.

speaking to Sonoma proper and Sonoma Valley, things are slowing getting back on track. the fires are still top-of-mind for a lot of people - especially for those who lost everything - as we enter summer. burn scars are still visible on the mountains, and on the roadside as you drive up from Sonoma to Kenwood/Glen Ellen and on to Santa Rosa. rebuilding is slow going, but is taking place. and in my neck of the woods, two new restaurants have opened since November, and The Glen Ellen Inn has re-opened in the last month or so.

industry-wise, at least from what i can see and people i’ve spoken to, traffic in tasting rooms is down since October '17 (and i’m referring to traditional walk-in/open-to-the-public settings), though visitor traffic to the area is getting better. over the last month or so, i’ve seen an uptick in people walking around Sonoma Square during the day: many families enjoying the nice weather and good food, along with the Farmer’s Market on Tuesday nights.

we usually see a nice uptick in May, and the last few weekends in our Tasting Room have been pretty good. i’ve had the pleasure of pouring for a few WB’ers recently, and look to see a few more in the next couple of weeks. any and all support is welcome, so bring your Wine Check and stock up!

What Paul wrote is quite accurate from what I was able to see a few weeks ago while visiting the area for a few days.

With that written, my girlfriend and I were pleasantly surprised by the resilience of both nature and man! The region looked, for the most part, beautiful. Everyone was incredibly warm, friendly and welcoming. Yes, there are scars of the destruction here and there, but it was hard to believe that vast swaths of the area were basically engulfed in a hell-on-earth catastrophe 9 months ago.

Do yourself, and the residents of this beautiful pocket of the world, a favor and do indeed visit soon.

Yeah, I think I will do that.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Who are you visiting other than Karen, recommendations?

Merrill L
Kurt B

We’re staying in Windsor the last week in Jun.

Thanks Scott, there are a few I’m not familiar with like Acorn and Kurt B. Quite a few in Napa as I’m sure you know will be a bit of a drive for you. I’ll be staying just north of the Sonoma square this weekend. Enjoy your stay.