Houston - Tuesday, February 22nd - tercero tasting?

Hey folks! I’ll be traveling to Houston next month and am hoping to hook up with Berserkers and possibly do either a winemaker dinner or just a casual tasting. Looking for folks to come meet and greet - and someone to take the lead or suggest BYOB or perhaps wine storage places where we’d be able to put this on.

Let me know - and let’s taste some wines together!


Sorry you’ve got no responses to this! I love your wine but can’t really suggest a good meet up location that is centralized. The Houston culture around wine has been spotty since I moved out here a few years ago - seems most just go to restaurants and buy whatever’s on the list.

If you find something/somewhere, I’d be keenly interested in meeting up with other like minded folks.


Thanks for the reply. We do have something set up - I will message you info.


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With all the somms that work in the great restaurants and steakhouses in this city, I would challenge that statement about spotty wine culture. Oenophile here in eastern Katy / Energy Corridor area - I’d love to get involved with a meet up on the west side of town.

I guess my point is that while there are many people who enjoy wine, they don’t seem to have the same community that I saw when I lived in California. Part of this is probably the liquor regulations that don’t permit people to bring their own bottles in to most restaurants, a smaller collection of wine lockers (and generally caters to the higher end subset of people), and a much more spread out community (people who live in Katy don’t want to go downtown, or to Sugar Land, etc).

I’d love to try to arrange meet ups, but most of those I’ve met through other wine sites are all spread out so it’s hard to arrange something.

I’m on NW side near Louetta but always open for a meet up.