Houston BBQ

I am going to be down there the end of April and I promised to show some Aussies how Texans do BBQ. Any reccos for the best BBQ in town? (Prefer a proper “joint”)

As always, thanks in advance!

Killen’s is the best IMO

Then some mix of: Pinkerton’s, Gatlin’s, Pit Room, Roegels

If you’re willing to venture a bit farther out: Corkscrew, Tejas Chocolate Craftory

I’m very happy going to Rudy’s. It’s a chain, but the food is delicious.

Killens hands down. Then Pinkertons. Then Luling. Then go to a small town around Houston and find a pit BBQ place.

Beef rib at Killen’s was very good.

For the life of me, I have never understood the white bread thing.

Where in Houston will you be ? If you’re north, I’ll second Ryan’s suggestions of Corkscrew and Tejas.

If I remember correctly, it is south of downtown

As a native Texan who has eaten at many of the top places in state (and several out of state), I can confirm that this opinion is wrong on so many levels.

LOL. I didn’t want to say anything. I was treating it like my crazy Uncle everybody loves dearly and we say to him all the time “that’s nice dear”. champagne.gif

If you’ll be south of downtown, Killen’s is a no-brainer. It’s probably farther south than you’ll be, but you’re in the right direction.

It is the healthful part of the meal. [barf.gif]

For comparison, my former favorite place in Houston was Goode BBQ.

I have been to the ‘good’ places in and around Austin. By the way, the original Salt Lick was a major disappointment.

Next time I’m in town, you and Joe can take me to a proper BBQ place. Next time you’re in NYC, I’ll return the favor by taking you to the best pizza place. Deal? [wink.gif]

That’s a deal. Always up for a good slice in the city.

FWIW – neither Goode Co nor Salt Lick are Top 50 in Texas (based on both Texas Monthly rankings and the general consensus).
Happy to eat the NY pizza though :wink:

We ate at Kreuz for lunch today. Was a solid step above anything we had in Houston.

I haven’t been to Blood Bros BBQ but I’m dying to go: Blood Bros. BBQ's Innovative Menu Combines Asian, Cajun, and Texas Flavors – Texas Monthly

It sounds like a quintessentially Houston spot that mixes cultures and cuisines in a way that’s greater than the sum of its parts. The best example of that is Crawfish & Noodles, a killer Vietnamese-Cajun restaurant where you can eat spicy Vietnamese crawfish and salt-and-pepper crab with ice cold beer.

You have sold me on Crawfish & Noodles. TY! Next trip to Kingwood, we are stopping there.