Hourglass Anyone?

So I have been on the list for awhile and keep telling myself I am going to drop off but keep buying because I like the wine that much. However, the cellar is already overflowing and I need to make some tough choices. The 2012 Estate went for $165/$365 (750ml/1500ml); the 2013 is being offered for $185/$405. I mean I guess, that’s not much of a price hike compared to the base price but I think it just passed my upper threshold. Especially when I compare to something like a Maybach that’s going for less. I know Hourglass does not get much attention on this board but I was curious if anyone else was going through this same thought process.

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I’m in for at least 3. Maybe 6. While I agree with you in principle, I simply can’t help myself. It’s really that good.

I just tasted at the winery. The estate is by far their best wine, but I think it’s overpriced at these levels when compared to wines like Maybach, Realm, etc., which I think are better. Still, good juice.

The new winemaker (Tony Biagi) has really taken them to the next level.

overpriced it seems

They’re dead to me.
I still have a few older bottles though.

Curious why they’re dead to you. I know very little about them except that their 2013 HGIII is very tasty for about $50. I tried a 2004 Hourglass estate and it was one of the better Cal cabs I’ve had. I’ve had nothing else. I sense that they took a hit to quality/popularity more recently, but I don’t know if that’s reality or just my perception of it.

Just sold my last 2 bottles - 2004 and 2007. Both Match (2007 Butterdragon Hill) and JEC (2012 Rutherford Reserve from the GIII vineyard) offer a similar style and flavor for much less. Both those bottles also show less alcohol heat.

Bassins still shows the 2013 estate available as futures for $148. https://bassins.com/wine/us/futures/index.php.

Thanks Brian. Considering I live about 30 miles from there that makes my decision easy. [cheers.gif]