Hot Weather Shipments

Really surprised by how many quality wine producers are shipping in hot weather. One in route from Paso arrives today on truck and it’s been 90+F the past two days and 85F today. And of course the UPS ETA is between noon and 3PM. [soap.gif]

I got a shipment of very expensive wine awhile back that was hot (not warm) to the touch. I called and they agreed to replace. Luckily they are not shipping the replacements for a few more weeks. Not sure about why they do this. It’s easy to look at the weather maps.

Buyer beware!

Aren’t you able to control the time of shipment with the time of ordering?

The two that shipped to me this past week have a disclaimer in the cart checkout that orders will be held until weather permits. I’m fine with that so no action needed from me. But very surprising to see that they shipped with weather at 90+ this past week here in Dallas.

At what point do you start to worry about the temp being too high? 80’s? 90’s?

An LA retailer wanted to ship wine to me today. I pointed out that it was supposed to be in the 90s today in LA. “Oh. OK. We’ll wait.”