Hospice du Rhone photos

A few photos from Hospice du Rhone, dinners and wild parties, vineyard and winery visits, etc: Hospice du Rhone 2009

Thanks for the pix Ken.

Bob Summers you are my hero. You get around my friend. And, you live 5 minutes away - let’s get together more often.

Thanks Ken for taking and posting pics, the indoor bbq was pretty unique!

Kimberly - it was great to meet you & John and to taste your wines. I really liked all of your Syrahs, especially that single-barrel bottling - it was like bacon in a bottle! [cheers.gif]

Thanks again Ken. Where is the Glenrose vineyard? Looks new but I like that planting.

Great to meet you too, Ken. Kimberly and I really regret not joining you guys for dinner Sat. night. We were pretty wiped out- so was Kimberly’s cell phone- big time fail.

I’m happy these posts have a time/date stamp so I can take credit for the first to claim the ‘bacon in a bottle’ on this wine upon WB

Glenrose is just south of Peachy Canyon Road, opposite Calcareous Vineyard. The first plantings there were about 15 years ago - mostly Rhone varieties and some Italian too. Went there with Justin Kahler of Katin Wines, who buys some Syrah from Glenrose. The hillside is really steep and those terraces are crazy - never seen anything quite like it.

Thanks for the info Ken. Don’t see a lot of terracing like that in California but I’ve seen plenty of photos of similar and steeper in Europe.

Here’s Glenrose Vineyard on Google Earth:

Thanks for the photos. Are the photos of the tastings before they started or during the tastings? If so, shockingly low attendance…

“Liquid Bacon fat” is taken… (a quote from John…)

Read 'em and weep

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Kimberly/John - which one is the single barrel Syrah? Is it available on your website? Thanks

I took those shots just before the Grand Tasting started. The attendance looked like it was down signficantly from previous years, but not that much!

Well, it sure looks like I’m quoting John, quoting you… [good.gif]

Robert, this was a single barrel from an extremely rocky section of Kimberly’s vineyard, kept seperate for friends and family. We never bothered to print separate labels for the 300 bottles. It sports the regular Kimberly’s label with a hand written “one barrel” on it. In the spirit of the board I would be willing to sell a three bottle limit to fellow berserkers for $30 ea. PM me if you’re interested.

I’ve posted my big site of images from HdR here:

Cool! Always enjoy your HdR photos, Mel.