Horrible luck with wines!

I posted on the 01 Mondavi Reserve Mags and the corkiness and Todd and I agreed to trade my Mondavi for his 04 L’Aventure Estate Cuvee. I was very excited as I loved the L’Aventure when initially tasted, especially on second day.

So I decided to open the wine, taste a bit and leave the rest for tomorrow. This wine has the identical corkiness to it. [swearing.gif]

Should I put some saran wrap in the wine?

Maybe your palate is corked and not the wine. [tease.gif] [help.gif]

Always irksome when wines go bad. This new year just passed I popped two ‘ooooh fancy!’ Puligny 1er Crus from top vintages, made by a serious winemaker and they were both horribly corked. These were preceded by the most stunningly tedious bottle of Meursault Perrieres the world has ever seen; undrinkably dull.

Better than the previous year’s effort. We popped three bottles of what turned out to be shagged-out and generally past-it Champagne, including Salon 90 and 88. That was a lot of (the partner’s) money just tipped down the sink.

Better luck with your next bottle!

Otto - wtf!

L’Aventure Estate Cuvee is NOT known to be ‘corky’/bretty at all! The fruit and mochaccino qualities override any hint of brett/soil/poop!!!

It’s like calling Rombauer ‘minerally’

Todd, I think the wine gods are very angry with me.

Scotch time.

Finally, some level headed advice! flirtysmile

Scratching my head a little bit regarding this dialogue - are we using the term “corky” to mean corked? Because that’s strictly luck of the draw in terms of getting a good or bad enclosure, and while there have been a couple very rare instances where a substantial amount of a particular vintage in a wine was negated due to faulty enclosures (Elio Altare’s recall of a vintage in the early 90’s comes to mind), I can’t imagine any winery being “known” for a prepondereance of corked wines and staying in business for any length of time.

Then again, if “corky” is just southern California code for crappy, ignore what I just posted.

It seems like I always find corked bottles in waves. I’ll go for a month or two and not detect one and then have a week where I notice two or three.

Ugh. Happened to me last year with Salon '85. Nothing kills a celebration like good fizz gone bad.

Had an '82 Salon in early October 2009 - also past it. What a waste.


If you see Otto’s thread on 2001 Mondavi Reserve, you’ll see what he classifies as ‘corky’, which is essentially brett, or ‘old cab funk’. Not sure how L’Aventure Estate would have any, though…

There’s a group of wine lovers that do potluck tastings where everybody brings a bottle and they all get tasted blind. And I’ve noticed that I see way more corked bottles at that group than I do in my day to day life. Is it a coincidence? Is it because the group is all city dwellers who can’t have proper cellars? Is it because god hates friendly get togethers?

Todd, that’s what I had in mind yesterday. However, I can now say that the wine was corked as the fruit has dissapeared and the wine today is simply undrinkable. This was not the case with Mondavi which had the ‘old cab funk’ for 3 days but the fruit was still there.

Sometimes it’s just tough to tell. headbang

Wine sucks.

+1 And too often 2 or 3 at a time [swearing.gif]

Otto, if it is corked, Stefan will take it back and get you a new bottle - you should contact him