Hong Kong Recommendations

decided to do 2 nights on the Island and 1 in kowloon at the IC for the view.

Some thread necrology here, but this is the most recent thread about HK it seems.

I go there for work often (8-10 times a year), anyone have any cool recent restaurant recs?

Thanks for resurrecting the thread! I’m headed to HK shortly and was curious about wine bars in Kowloon. Staying at Hotel Icon, but willing to navigate the area. Told Uber works well, but only if you have 5G cell service.

I’m here right now, don’t know much about wine bars yet but I thought I’ll go to a few today.

For cocktails, Argo and Darkside are both fantastic. They are both on the San Pellegrino Top 100 bars list, and they both deserve the spot. Argo is in the Four Seasons hotel on the Island, Darkside is in the Rosewood on Kowloon, very close to your hotel.

Uber does indeed work really well, but so does all public transport - get an Octopus card to pay for them all.

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Ok so,

there really isn’t anything in Kowloon for wine bars. Darkside is a great cocktail bar.

For lunch, I went to Arbor today, and it was amazing. Easily worth the 2 Michelin Stars.

But for a wine bar, the one to go to is Bar Cyclone. It is amazing. Block away from Central MTR, kinda obscure and not lively at all, but the guys working there know their sh*t, and their blind tastings are fun. Email for reservation, knock on the door when you get there.

There just isn’t much of a wine bar scene in HKG, but Cyclone is worth the experience. Jack, the owner, knows his stuff(and likely will have you try some of the wines he makes himself).

They give you a discount and/or free wine if you call the wines right.

I called 2/3 on the first round, 1/3 on the second round correctly. Pretty proud of calling the German Spätburgunder correctly, given that I don’t really drink German Spätburdungers. And I might have done 15 glasses (generous pours btw) total.

Cool place to hang out with Jack and the crew.

Thanks so much! It is a short stay, but I’m hoping to have at least one day/night to explore on my own. This is very helpful.

Zau Mei has a great wine and BTG list, the owner is a real wine nerd.

For cocktails, my favourites are Diplomat, Room 309, and Savoury Project but you are spoilt for choice really!

Took the Star Ferry to Wan Chai, grabbed an unexpectedly tasty burger at Burger Joy, and then hit Zau Mei, tucked away in an alley. What a cool spot! Super diverse BTG program and everything poured into nice stems using Coravin. I had to limit myself to two glasses, but hope to return someday with some fellow wine geeks to explore by the bottle.

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Thanks! I’ll go check out Zau Mei next time I’m there in a few weeks.