hometown bbq brooklyn wine dinner

first time there
really cool spot with all food on point
georges laval brut great nv bubbles
marguet ambonnay 2011 also great but first wine blew it away
burlotto 89 barolo omg beautiful almost burgundian
barale 82 barolo castellero quite pruney from the start bur remained stable til the end beautiful but nowhere near the quality of the burlotto
conterno 01 sori ginestra on it’s own would have probably been great after the above was shockingly young
dauvissant vaillons 08 ridiculously good but would have been so much better with oysters instead of bbq!
clos de vougeot 97 prieure roch perfect red burg in the right spot drink them up
fargues 86 with banana pudding tough to go wrong here…

all from an auction buy from wine on wheels. i can’t speak more highly about these people. a truly just cause [cheers.gif]

nearly forgot a 2005 sqn atlantis syrah
recent posts on what sqn to drink now made me pull this one
while out of place with the other wines here, i figured at a bbq place it should fare well
this has always been a more reserved style sqn and this bottle was no different.
while the nose jumps out at you the wine is just as nice an expression of domestic syrah based wine as i can imagine.
not in decline but not getting better at this point.

Was this at the Red Hook location or the new one in Industry City?
Are they amenable to BYO wine dinners? That would be fantastic.
I love the Red Hook location. But sometimes the lines are just crazy.
Edit: I see you bought a dinner there, at auction and brought wine. Well done!