Hmmmm....I didn't drink any wine this weekend. (POLL)

Longest stretch without a glass of wine?

  • Less than a day
  • 1 day
  • Several days
  • 1 Week
  • 2-4 weeks
  • Several months
  • Longer (kidnapping victim, coma)

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This surprised me, and I got to thinking…what is the longest amount of time that I have gone without a glass of wine?

For me, maybe two weeks.

I spend most of December in Hawaii. By rule, that 3-4 weeks is my annual wine holiday (meaning I don’t drink any wine, except for dinners at Spago Maui, because every rule needs an exception). Sort of like Scott M not eating Foie Gras, because sometimes one needs a Lentin-like break from the things one loves for perspective/as a reminder, Catholic or not.

Would this include my childhood? I must have gone at least 7 or 8 years!

That’s not so long. It isn’t as if it was the length of time since the last Mets’ title, though. Now, that would be long.

Spent a couple of months overseas (Kuwait, Iraq, etc.). Longest by far I have gone since getting into wine. Respectfully know that Phillip ‘Dustoff’ Franks went alot longer.

Not in my family!

Was I in your family? [scratch.gif]

36 days and counting for me at the moment, nine (looooong) days to go.

There are benefits:

  • You retain the services of the wines you would have otherwise consumed (probably about 3 cases for me)!
  • A fresh palate - don’t underestimate this
  • A rested liver
  • Weight loss (about 10 pounds for me)
  • A forced break from old habits
  • The knowledge that you CAN!

This is my 3rd year to voluntarily do this (so I must think it’s worthwhile)! [wink.gif]

I’m not sure about the fresh palate, but I’ll take your word on it. As for the weight loss, that’s the most obvious of all, but also the least inspiring.

Good for you, Mike, for doing this again!

Nine days to go Todd, just 9 short, little days …

Reminds me of another benefit - it makes me APPRECIATE wine much more!

Now THAT I can believe!!

You lost 10 lbs just by not drinking wine? Nothing else? Did you drink a bottle a night or something?

I average 4-5 bottles/week. Wine is insidious - not only does it pack on calories by itself, it also enhances appetite!

I don’t relish meals when I’m not drinking wine - a curse and a benefit.