Hilton Head/ Savannah weekend in November

We’re spending a long weekend at Hilton Head soon, flying in and out of Savannah. Neither of us have been. Are there any worthwhile package stores to go wine/bourbon browsing and more importantly, where should we eat?

Not much in terms of places to buy good wine, but Rollers has a reasonable selection and a nice place to drink.

Red Fish let’s you buy wine retail and drink it at your table. Their retail store is reasonable.

Elas on the Water does not charge corkage for collector wines brought in

The Vine is my favorite food on the island

Michael Anthony’s has good Italian food and a reasonable list

The Jazz Corner on Sundays for Deez Guys is my favorite dinner experience on the island

Best hush puppies are at either the Salty Dog Cafe or at Coast (depends what you like)


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