Hilarious - but sad - "advice" at PLCB

At my local Pennsylvania monopoly store today. Man walks in and says "can you recommend a good cabernet sauvingon? The store expert says “go for anything from Burgundy. It is all Cab and usually very good.”

I was going to correct him – buy why bother?

headbang [scratch.gif]

I KNEW there was something fishy about all those burgundies I’ve been drinking! Man, they go so well with chocolate too! I…just…couln’t…put…finger…on…it!


I once asked a sales lady at a wine mechant where the burgundies where and she took me to the California Chardonnay section.

Maybe she thought he asked for a good Syrah?

Um…can it! The last time someone said PLCB employees didnt know how to greet people properly, the PLCB paid 125k to some consulting company (nepotism btw) to teach them how to say hello. Can you imagine if they get wind of this???
1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 to teach them Burgundy is pinot…
(After all, its a lot harder to learn to pronounce pinot noir than hello.) [suicide.gif]

Maybe he meant “go for anything suggested from “RON” Burgundy.”

And of course, Ron would have suggested the Cab as well.

Is that why I’m not so fond of most Cali Cabs? They keep trying to make them as an homage to Burgundy? [tease.gif]

It’s funny but underscores a good point. Someone atop the PLCB bureaucracy has a clue. I’ve noticed some pretty good “clearance” prices and good selection. Their buying ability is well known and they have good stuff in the stores. But no one to “sell” it. To make people excited about the wine. To educate consumers. It’s a shame really, because the efforts of the buyers are wasted because 99% of the salespeople are clueless.


Reminds me of another funny but totally unrelated story. I was in the brand new store in Cranberry in their wine temp controlled wine room, one of the first in the state. For those of you who don’t know, Cranberry is urban sprawl central. One of the woprst examples of sprawl you’ll find anywhere, and filled with rich wannabees who don’t know the first thing about wine, but read the Wine Spectator in order to make themselves seem cool and less like a wine poseur. A woman came in and was desparately looking for a wine. I struck up a conversation and asked which one. She said she was at a friends house last night and they had the 2000 Lafleur. It was really good and she wanted to buy another one for herself. (FWIW, only one case made it to this part of the state- $250 a bottle- and it was all pre-sold to King Wine Poseur Mario Lemioux). I told her no luck: there wasn’t a bottle for sale anywhwere in the state, and probably not the entire US. She walked away in a huff, and said that she was going to talk to someone, because she can buy whatever she wants to.

There is a perverse logic to her action.

Maybe they have a lot of unsold 2003s.