High end champagne 3 packs

About 10 ppl have asked me about high end champagne 3 packs, so here’s the offer.

$750 delivered. I pick the bottles. Possible producers include dom Perignon, krug, Cristal, Vilmart, Pierre peters, philiponnat, and other similar high end grand marque or growers. If interested, let me know. Some bottles I have aren’t available for sale on wsp.



Few more packs left

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Any example packs you can share?


2009 Dom Perignon
2012 Cristal
2008 Diebolt-Vallois Fleur de Passion


Closing this soon; about 2 of each pack left…

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Too late to grab one?


Still have a couple, will pm

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I’d like one as well if there is still any left.

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This is closed.

I am mostly holding off on shipping right now because of temperatures and the holidays but will contact directly regarding potential shipments in some cases.

Following up on the order. The weather is a bit warmer here now. What are your thoughts on shipping? Should we try now or plan on waiting for March/April? My only concern there is wine getting cooked in Phoenix.

It’s quite cold here and along the route but going to ship in the next few weeks.

Sounds good. I’ll defer to you on shipping timing.

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