High end 3 burg packs

A couple people have messaged me asking for this offer. I’m not sure how much demand there will be, maybe none, but I figured I’d toss it out there to see if anyone is interested, because I still have a bit of an organization problem with higher end wines and have lots of single bottles that make it hard to rack them.

These 3 packs are $900 shipped and will be either grand cru or premier cru from top producers, either red or white.

Examples of what you may get would include Hudelot Noellat, Mugneret Gibourg, Pierre Yves Colin Morey, Ramonet, Lambrays, Hubert Lignier, and others. WSP value should be at least 900 but many of these bottles aren’t available on the market.

The first pack shipped was:

2014 Mugneret Gibourg Chaignots
2014 Hudelot Noellat Clos Vougeot
2014 Clos de Lambrays

If interested, let me know. Standard terms apply. These packs are ready to ship immediately but I can hold for weather if requested.

In the new year I will send out some offers for bdx, Sauternes, and domestic packs.



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Second pack was:

2016 Ramonet Ruchottes
2015 Bouchard Chambertin
2015 Drouhin-Laroze Beze


2017 Faiveley Beze
2015 Lambrays
2016 Charlopin Clos St Denis

Got a couple of these left. Some people have inquired about lower priced 3 packs for 600 or 750 and I can definitely do those as well.

For those who don’t understand what I’m offering, I’ll pick 3 bottles meeting the parameters above for the pack from what I have available. I’ve included some examples of what you might get, but it may not be (likely won’t be) the same exact selection, as I’m trying to organize and cut down on wine I only have a couple bottles of.

This isn’t an opportunity to cherry pick wine from my cellar and I don’t have a list of available wines to choose from. It’s an opportunity for buyers to get excellent wine that may not be readily available at good pricing and for me to improve cellar organization.

Looking forward to the Sauternes offer

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Any chance you can do something similar for Champagne?

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I’ll pm you

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Few more burg and champ packs left


I am interested in both Burg and Champ!

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Last pack

2007 Amiot CDLR
2015 Drouhin Laroze Beze
2015 Bouchard Beze

Is this sold out?

I’m interested in doing one of these if they are still available!

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Nope not sold out.

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Closing this soon; about 2 of each pack left.

This is closed…

I am mostly holding off on shipping right now because of temperatures and the holidays but will contact directly regarding potential shipments in some cases.

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