Hi - and TN Burgundy 2007 tasting in GRAZ

Hi to all, newhere
after saying hello I thought it might be interesting for some of you to re-post my report about my Burgundy 2007-tasting a week ago …
you know my desire to post on “another wine-board” has been diminished somewhat … [swearing.gif]
I also might transfer some of my older reports about my tastings here … if you are interested ???
OK - let´s go:

BURGUNDY 2007 in Graz (20 wines - long)
A group of 23 people (incl. 7 couples) met on APR 23 at the restaurant „Im Fünften“ (On the fifth floor) in the center of GRAZ – to taste through the red 2007 Burgundy vintage. 16 stems were to fill.
The wines have stood upright for 2+ weeks, Audouzed for 3.5 to 4 hours and decanted 20 min. in advance. The (short) TN are mine, as are the points.

flight #1:

  1. brighter red, fragrant nose, quite prominent acidity, mid weight, more floral than earthy, 88points
  2. fuller colour, hints of purple, but still transparent, nose initially a bit dusty which blew off, good grip, but slightly lacking in depth and complexity, 89p
  3. medium red, but saturated, sweet nose of red berries, violets and toast, highly elegant, and complex, really mouthfilling, long, 90p
  4. full ruby, powerful nose of red and dark berries and underwood, chewy on the palate, but perfectly balanced, really intense with great finish, high class, would have shown great in the last flight, too, 92+p

Group voting (by raising hands) for the favorite wine: 1 / 0 / 5 / 16

  1. Domaine Alain HUDELOT-NOELLAT -Vosne-Romanée „Beaumonts“ 1er Cru
  2. Domaine JF MUGNIER – Nuits-Saint-Georges „Clos de la Maréchale“ Monopole – 1er Cru
  3. Domaine Louis-Michel LIGER-BELAIR Vosne-R „Clos du Château“ Monopole Village
  4. Domaine Jean-Jacques CONFURON – Nuits-Saint-Georges „Aux Boudots“ 1er Cru

Amuse gueule

flight #2:
5) medium dark ruby, plummy, earthy, decent wood, excellent concentration, 91p
6) slightly more saturated colour, more dark berries, less wood, good grip, but remained a bit simple, outstanding nevertheless, 90p
7) brighter, mixture of dark berries and cherries, very elegant, really long, but slight bitterness in the finish, will age well, 91p
8) medium colour, smoky nose with exotix fruits (bananas), slightly high in acidity, quite accessable, good mouthfeel, but only medium long, 89p

Group voting:9 / 7 / 4 / 2

  1. Domaine Anne GROS – Clos Vougeot „Le Grand Maupertuis“ GC
  2. Domaine ARNOUX LASCAUX – Clos Vougeot GC
  3. Domaine Jacques-Frederic MUGNIER –Bonnes-Mares GC
  4. Domaine Michel GROS – Clos Vougeot „Le Grand Maupertuis“ GC

1st course: breast of barbarie duck with green beans et al.

flight #3:
9) quite bright ruby, very fragrant, red-berried, minty, excellent grip, great balance and persistency, best wine so far, 93p
10) slightly more saturated, sweet-sour cherries in the nose (not unattractive), typical wooden toast, nice complexity but not as concentrated as usual, 89p
11) medium deep ruby, full of fruit and highly elegant, very sweet but balanced, good structure, 91p
12) a hint brighter, more red berries, full and long with noticable acidity, very lively, good length, 91(+)p

Group voting for the favorite wine: 17 / 0 / 1 / 4
Group voting for the 2nd best wine: 1 / 1 / 7 / 11
(we decided to do this in addition because wine #9 was definitely in front, but 11+12 were not far behind.

  1. Domaine Sylvain CATHIARD – Vosne-Romanée „Aux Malconsorts“ 1er Cru
  2. Domaine Michel GROS – Vosne-Romanée „Clos des Réas „Monopole“ 1er Cru
  3. Domaine ARNOUX-LASCAUX – Vosne-Romanée „Les Suchots“ 1er Cru
  4. Domaine Louis-Michel LIGER-BELAIR Vosne-Romanée „Les Suchots“ 1er Cru

main course: sirloin from Styria Beef ™ with vegetables and cornmeal dumplings

flight #4:
13) quite dark ruby, nose a bit dry with wooden component, good grip but slightly dry finish, 89p
14) medium bright ruby, red berries and mints, very soft and sweet on the palate, very voluptous, really very long, 94p
15) full saturated, excellent forthcoming fruit, highly elegant, floral and deep, great complexity, medium body, 93p
16) lots of kirsch, quit full-bodied, structured, even a bit rustic, but intense and even powerful, slightly less complex, potential, 91+p

Group voting for the favorite wine: 0 / 14 / 4 / 4
Group voting for the 2nd best wine: 2 / 3 / 10 / 4

  1. Domaine Bruno CLAIR Chambertin Clos de Beze GC
    14 Domaine Anne GROS –Richebourg GC
  2. Domaine Armand ROUSSEAU Chambertin GC
  3. Domaine Gabriel TORTOCHOT Chambertin GC

flight #5:
17) bright transparent colour, good fruit with floral elements and spices, good concentration but high acidity, medium length, slight bitter finish, not completely balanced now, 91(?)p
18) full deep colour, intense fragrant nose, very elegant, mouthfilling and sweet, very nice core, 94p
19) slightly brighter, brilliant colour, nice touch of oak, sweet red berried fruit with touch of minerals, good not extrusive lively acidity, great balance, intense, 93p
20) deepest colour, forthcoming nose, red and dark berries, great style, toiuch of smoke and licorice, tobacco, very complex, great length, very fin, 95p

Group voting for the favorite wine: 1 / 1 / 7 / 10
Group voting for the 2nd best wine: 4 / 3 / 5 / 8

  1. Domaine Alain HUDELOT-NOELLAT Romanée-Saint-Vivant GC
  2. Domaine Jacques-Frederic MUGNIER –Musigny GC
  3. Domaine Louis-Michel LIGER-BELAIR - Echézeaux GC
  4. Domaine Jean-Jacques CONFURON – Romanée-Saint-Vivant GC

Dessert variations

Dessert wines:
21) Chateau Caillou (0.75 Sauternes) 1978: medium golden colour, not a great vintage, but nice balance between the sweetness and the present acidity, mid-weight, interesting, fine match with the dessert, 87p
22) Ruländer TBA / Schloss Halbturn (Burgenland/Austria, 0.375) 1973: much darker, malty, very sweet, intense, slightly lacking acidity, but complex and long, 89p

Best wines:
RSV Confuron 95p (again the winner like in 2006, and 2005 together with Musigny Mugnier)
Richebourg/Anne Gros + Musigny Mugnier 94p
Echezeaux Liger-Belair + Chambertin Rousseau 93p
VR Malconsorts Cathiard 93p
NuitsSG Boudots Confuron 92+p
VR Suchots Liger-Belair + Arnoux-Lascaux, CV Anne Gros, BM Mugnier, Chambertin Tortochot 91(+)p
RSV Hudelot-Noellat 91(?)

Conclusion: I already noticed during my barrel tastings that 2007 is a charming, seductive, quite foreward vintage that might give pleasure early on. The tasting prooved this to be correct, it reminded me a bit on my very enjoyable 2000 tasting 7 years ago. The best wines are quite concentrated, but balanced, but the danger of too high acidity in the lesser wines was present. I´d drink the top-wines from 2016 to 2022+, the lesser wines from 2012 … and some can be drunk even now.
I´m not unhappy to have some of the best wines in my cellar.

and BTW: NO corky wine ! [dance-clap.gif]


Great to see you here. I enjoy your notes and thoughts. Thanks.

It is great to see these notes.
Many thanks.
I own Confuron RSV from every year back to 2005. I am not stopping now. 2008 is next.
Alain Meunier is on a roll.

Gerhard, thank you for the notes, and welcome. And good for you for speaking your mind and taking a strong moral stand ‘over there’!

Appreciate the notes very much and can’t wait for more postings too! Welcome!!!

Herzlich wilkommen! Thanks for your illuminating thoughts on 2007.

2007 is indeed a mixed vintage, on lower level as well as at the top.
I have tasted several Village wines (and omitted in my tasting) that were too thin and diluted with some unripe hints … and also some 1er and GCs not worth all the money. BUT that´s normal in Burgundy …
Even in this tasting one or another wine did not deliver everything I expected … on the other hand a village like Clos du Chateau by Liger-Belair (Comte, not Xavier) was everything one could long for … but the price is on 1er Cru level nevertheless.


Very exciting to see you here, Maestro.

Indeed Alain Meunier at JJ Confuron increased the quality during the nineties immensly … and I haven´t tasted a single bad wine after 2000/01 from him … even 2004 is a success for this (least favorable) vintage … (ok, I wouldn´t stock up on it though …)

I hope he won´t increase prices, too flirtysmile … at least for 2008 he hasn´t … and what I tasted out of cask has been excellent indeed - strong 2008s at JJ-C !

I have some 2004s to give away … (no JJ Confuron)!
Seriously - I disliked the vintage from barrel onwards … sure initially I had hopes the wines would fill out somewhat, but most didn´t …
I bought at some domaines where I purchase faithfully for 10-15 years … but with half of them I´m now unhappy …
I won´t buy a single 2004 Burg … not even DRC (ok, at “certain” price for reselling …)
Well, also a matter of taste …


Glad you made it! Great notes as well. I think you’ll enjoy this community.

Happy to see you here Gerhard. Thank you for the notes.
Suprised Mugnier’s B.M. didn’t show better against the C.V’s. Anne Gros sounds like she’s certainly got the better of Michel in '07, not always the case.

I like Michel Gros very much - but in 07 Anne was certainly more successful … the Richebourg is to dive into, open your mouth and swallow … [wink.gif]

But Michels wines are really not bad, only the competition was hard …