He's back! (plus a Cabot review to make it about wine)

I’m now drinking wine from our lovely fourth floor walkup in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Wine tastes better here. newhere

2007 Cabot Humboldt Syrah
Grabbed last night to go along with a delish hanger steak and roasted potato dinner. Still dark as can be and young. Meaty, still some tannin. Rich black fruit, some smoky, leathery stuff going on here along with mint. Pretty darn muscular. Well done! [cheers.gif]

Welcome back, Chris! BTW, the link to your website under your avatar doesn’t work for me (using Safari).

Good to see you in these parts, Chris!

Just sold my brownstone in Park Slope. Windsor Terrace actually. It’s a nice place. Worth a celebration.

I love the '07 Cabots almost as much as I loved the '06’s…

I’m glad to be back! I think that web urls aren’t allowed in signatures, my bad. It’s just my first/last name dot com no www. (Todd, let me know if I’m right and whether I should remove this note.)

Brownstone in this neighborhood? Bet you did alright. Still in the area?

Not allowed in your sig, but just edit your profile itself. That’s allowed, and what the WWW icon is there for.

Works for me with Chrome and Safari. Try again?

Working for me now as well. Tried multiple times the other day and it couldn’t find the server, or some other computer gibberish.

Brownstone in this neighborhood? Bet you did alright. Still in the area?

Off and on. Kind of long story. Wife is a few blocks away from the house temporarily so I’m back a lot. Kind of miss it after 25 years. Believe it or not, much of the area was redlined back in the 70s.