Help with messages and photos

Todd, I tried to send you a message with screen shots and there is something screwy!
I cannot add a name or group or nor can I add photos from my iPhone. So frustrating!

Without you repeating the steps so I can help, this is what I see in iPhone

The top section you’d start typing a name, and add it. Then you’d write the subject.

Then you’d add photos with the bottom button, (2nd from right, bottom line), then ‘send message’, done.

Sent you a message to show you how it’s done - very easy.

OK in the top section it won’t allow me to type anything in for a address to person. I can reply to you, but I can’t start a new conversation.

And down where the photo is it’s glitchy sometimes it works but many times it doesn’t if you go back and look at my post on Famous People. I literally had to go back in and edit my post to be able to put pictures in. A few minutes ago I tried to send a message to. Mike Grammar, and attach a photo, and I literally could not do it. I’ll try to attach the screenshot here.
Nope, won’t let me. I touch the picture icon and a small greyed out shadow of photo & camera comes up but i can’t get it to get to my photos or anything.

As replied via Facebook messenger, it’s iOS - you need to grant permission/access to your photo library for Safari and Mail - it’s not a WB thing, it’s an iOS thing

Got it Todd!!! Thanks for the help!

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