Help with Burgundy

Hi Brian & all,

I’ve recently released a wine map that has been in the works for quite some time, it has been and still serves as a great learning experience for myself. I hope it can help you out, most of the functionality is deactivated on the public server, but its coming around. [cheers.gif]

Daryl Lau

Daryl, Nicely done! I look forward to playing with it some more.

I think the best thing to do is find a retailer you trust that can help you get started. I agree with everyone’s suggestions here about extensive research but in my opinion this could lead to a lot of trial and error when you should be buying with confidence and slowly learning step by step along the way. You can read all you want to but the real knowledge can only come through consumption.
Barry Lipton’s idea is great in that regards, but with all due respect, 07 Chevillions are a little dumb right now. I would suggest something simpler like 3 different premier cru Savigny les Beaunes from Camus Bruchon or Pavelot that are equally as different in their terroir expression.

Go to a retailer with an extensive Burgundy selection and tell him your dilemma. He/she will be ridiculously ecstatic that he has found a new customer for the greatest wines in the world. He will give you several wines that exhibit different styles to which you will report back your findings about what you like and didn’t like. He will take it from there and have a whole list of wines for you to buy within your style and – most importantly – budget. This is how I have obtained some of my best customers to date and very few things in this world make me happier.

Cool map Daryl. I’ll be a user for sure. FYI Cros Parantoux in Vosne is mispelled as “Clos Parantoux”

And of course I misspelled Parentoux [drinkers.gif]


This is truly a great post. I think it gets to the heart of the matter of why there is so much conversation surrounding Burgundy in general. I also think it is part of an on-going conversation between “nature vs. nurture”-type of analysis of Burgundy’s more touted terroirs vs. ones which perhaps do not have a “tendency” towards greatness. I think your choice of buying many grand crus from years like 2001, 06 etc… show that you have cracked the Burgundian code…which is to say…Producer, Producer, Producer and that better terroirs are better in a theoretical sense and have more potential from an academic sense. However, these terroirs have also proven themselves as through empirical evidence/performance as well…but perhaps not always, 100 percent of the time. I suppose you could say that the better terroirs have a “tendency” towards greatness…and throughout history, this has been the case.