Help (or advice) for selling all my wine off/getting rid of it?

Hi all!

I have 775 cases of ~8 skus of two different vintages that I am trying to sell-off. I am trying to get out of the business (ha) and I don’t want to sit around selling this bottle by bottle. Do you have any advice for places that would buy all of this (or a lot)? I reached out to Last Bottle and Somm Select and got a no from them, but other than that, I am not really sure where to turn.

Also, I’ve had a SKU turn, how do I go about getting rid of/asking my insurance to compensate me for it?

Thanks in advance!

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Trader Joe’s can take large lots of wine but be prepared to take a beating on the price. Is it safe to assume that these are the Vitis Jenifera wines?

Are the bottles shiners or labeled already?


Get in contact with the buyers at grocery outlet

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Cameron Hughes

Possibly Envoyer