Help! Need A Couple of Tastings Near McMinnville, OR On Short Notice

Title says it all. Will be visiting WV on a short trip with a friend on June 16 and 17, and due to being extremely busy and extremely lazy, I only have one of the two days covered for tastings. On the 16th, we are tasting with Goodfellow in the late morning, and then Willamette Valley Wineries (who I know nothing about, but it was very easy to book a tasting online so I took it!) in the afternoon. I was hoping to schedule with Vincent on Friday the 17th, but unfortunately he isn’t available due to a prior obligation.

Any ideas for wineries I can try to schedule with on short notice roughly in the area of McMinnville? My favorites are Goodfellow and Vincent. My buddy is going to kill me if I don’t get a couple of tastings scheduled for Friday! pileon

I would schedule a Martin Woods tasting on his website. The tasting will be held at his downtown wine bar, HiFi, which is also worth visiting. Check to see if you can get an appointment time at Eyrie, then swing by Heater Allen taproom on Friday. Winderlea is next to Marcus and IIRC they have open tasting hours. Their Chards are nice.

Not McMinnville, but see if Saul at Championship Bottle can host you at Grochau (where Vincent also makes wine). If out that way, try Evesham Wood. If Bill at Paetra is available, his facility is not too far from McMinnville.

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Westrey is also near Marcus, although not sure what their hours are these days.


Off to look into your other ideas. Thank you so much!

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As the tallman suggests, Westrey is in McMinnville, but it would be a private appointment. You can try contacting David.

Brittan, Eyrie, Martin Woods, Matzinger Davies, Hundred Suns, etc. would be other great McMinnville options. Although I’m not sure if Eyrie has reopened, Brittan was closed on Thursdays and I think Matzinger Davies and Hundred Suns would be appointment only.

For Eola Amity, I think that Walter Scott is doing some limited appointments. Check out Will Hamilton at Violin in DT Amity. Cristom, Bethel Heights, Evesham Wood are classics.

Unless something has changed recently, Bill with Paetra is in Gaston with Kelley Fox at the Adea Wine Company facility. That would be a great tasting lineup at the same space.


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I’m a fan of the wines and people at Brick House. I know they’re in Newberg, they are about 15 miles away.

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Sweet, I’ve booked Brick House for the afternoon. I’ve had a few of their wines and really like them, so this will be great.

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I looked into tasting with Kelley Fox when I started planning this trip, but IIRC she only books tastings for people enrolled in her wine clubs.

Must be a new thing as I’m not a club member but have tasted at KF many times, incl Memorial Day weekend 2021. Dustin and/or Kelley put on great tastings if you can get in.

I limited my prior recs to mostly McMinnville. Crowley is also in Newberg and is worth visiting.

Looks like I am wrong about that policy. Or else maybe it was something that was only in place for covid and has been lifted? In any case, I was wrong based on the current info on her website.

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If they do, this is extremely new as I was there back in October. They do private tastings, so you do need to email ahead of time, but I don’t see it having been a problem to taste otherwise

Yeah I was wrong.

I highly recommend doing tasting with Andrew Riechers the winemaker of Audeant wines. His wines are amazing and he’s an awesome host!

Really enjoyed visiting Domaine Drouhin which is nearby McMinnville. With one of their tastings, you get to try both their domestic and burgundy wines and they have library Burgundy wines for sale. Interesting place.

If time permits, there are some others nearby Brick House . As you turn on the road for Brick House (Lewis Rodgers Ln), the first winery on your left Domaine Divio is worth a drop in. We did not have reservations there when we went in September. Trisaetum is across the street from Brick House, and you are a stone’s throw as the bird flies to Patricia Green and Beaux Freres as well.

Can’t go wrong with what you have so far!

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Matzinger Davies is walking distance of Marcus.

Mentioned upthread along with Eyrie, Westrey, Brittan, etc. very walkable from Goodfellow. Hundred Suns is a very short drive.

Yeah, if you’re going to Brick House, I would highly recommend Patricia Green. Reach out to Jim Anderson here and I’m sure that they’ll take great care of you.



I got lazy and did not read every post. My bad.

If you’re still looking for places, I recommend a visit to Tendril Wines in Carlton. The winemaker/owner, Tony Rynders, used to be the winemaker for for Domaine Serene before opening his own place (which is next-door to Ken Wright Cellars). Carlton is also home to Flaneur Wines, Carlton Winemakers Studio (housing many wineries), and has tasting rooms for many other excellent wineries like Big Table Farm and Lavinea.