Help me find a wine

This wine is Peruvian never even had one nor have I seen one for sale. Have a freind that is looking.

Vino Blanco Seco
Fond de Cave

I can find Ocucaje Pisco in several places, but the only place I find the Vino Blanco Seco is at the winery’s web site, $67.87 for 12 bottles. I’m still trying to see if they ship abroad.

Thanks Randy

Randy did you get anymore info?


Been waiting for a reply to my e-mail. They may be trying to translate it.

FYI, here’s the link:" onclick=";return false;

If you search using ocucaje wine, it you can get a link with translation.

Let you know as soon as they reply.



All my e-mails were returned. I did find out the exported is Bodegas Tacama and guess what, they don’t export wine to the USA. It does show they export to Canada, Great Britain and a few other European and Central American countries.

Sooooooo, I don’t think you’re going to have much luck. [shrug.gif]


Thanks for your help, guess I have to find someone going to Peru to bring back a bottle.