Help me choose a 1993 wine

Maximum total wine enjoyment:

You already own the wines you own, if you drink one of them, your joy is “X.”

If you go for the pairing, you will still have enjoyment “X” from the bottles you own, and will add enjoyment “Y” to the equation from the pairing with wine that isn’t already in your cellar.

So, Y + X > X, therefore, the pairing = more joy.

Quick update:
I found the bottle of Lignier 1993 MSD 1er cru VV after all, so decided to bring it to the restaurant. After discussing with the sommelier (remember, there is no posted menu), we opted to open this sentimental bottle rather than the pairing. Almost all of the courses before dessert seemed to work quite well with aged red burgundy. Even the silken tofu dish was accompanied by earthy wild mushrooms. I can highly recommend Pineapple and Pearls for a special evening.

The wine was opened with an ah-so; cork was somewhat spongy with some saturation up the sides but intact with no leakage. The wine was a bit closed at the start, partially mitigated by swirling. Fully resolved. High acidity was kept in check by the still ample fruit. With air, started showing quite well. More elegant than big. Perfect balance. High on the pleasure scale; this wasn’t just interesting, it was tasty. Clear color until some sediment in the last half glass. Recommended. And drink 'em if you got 'em.
Thanks everyone!
PS Actual anniversary is today. I think we’re celebrating with hotdogs! champagne.gif So I guess I could’ve used a '93 auslese after all. I might have to choose a different vintage riesling – not a great match with the '93 barolo/tuscan/burg options I have.

Stayed within parameters … and agreed.

Clearly, they’re putting you on.

That’s great! Congrats. Have you owned this bottle since release? Is it a Rosenthal bottle?

Good choice, and glad it showed well.

I rarely choose wine pairings under any circumstances, but I would doubly never choose pairings to celebrate an important, loving milestone like a 25th Anniversary. A relationship with a wine over time – either as it opens up over the course of a meal or as you observe its development over the course of years with a case – is a wonderful metaphor for a long term relationship, be it a marriage or a friendship or another relationship of significance. Growing and changing, comforting familiarity, but always more to learn and potential for surprise. Pairings are a series of one night stands.

Thanks! Bought 8-10 years after release, and well stored since then. It was a Rosenthal bottle. Oddly, the cork was generic – stamped year but no producer or vineyard. I don’t want to overstate the cork issue - it did come out whole and the ah-so was more for prophyllactic reasons. [cheers.gif]

Well said! (Ok, I did truncate the beautiful sentiment.) flirtysmile


Congrats on the anniversary and on the wine working out so well!