Help me choose a 1993 wine

For our upcoming 25th anniversary, my wife and I are going on Friday for our first time to Pineapple and Pearls in DC. We’ll be at the bar, so we have a choice of participating in the beverage pairing or BYO with the tasting menu (that one can’t view ahead of time). We would usually go with a red burgundy in such situations. If you were I, would you select:

  1. Ponsot 1993 Chambolle Charmes
  2. H. Lignier 1993 Morey St Denis 1er cru VV
  3. Groffier 1993 Bonnes Mares
  4. Beverage pairing; wait and open a bottle (which one?) for a quiet dinner at home on actual anniversary date

Please do NOT recommend 1) opening multiple bottles or 2) enjoying both the pairing and a bottle. We’d like to enjoy each other’s company and not nod off on the ride home. [swoon.gif]
Thanks for any advice,

I’d do the Lignier. Really good vintage for them. And that bottling is one of their best.

This. Wish I still had bottles myself.

Yeah, pretty easy to pick the 1993 Lignier here.

Beverage pairing!

Big fun, wine paired with each course instead of the same wine for the evening, new experience!

You already own the bottles.

Happy anniversary! champagne.gif

Lignier…hands down. Happy Anniversary!

Another vote for Lignier.

A Clos de la Roche in sheep’s clothing!

Did anyone suggest the Lignier?
Home run

Only had the '93 Lignier Chambolles Les Baudes, which was wonderful–didn’t realize that he had had such broad success.

The pairing!!

25 years is too important a celebration to be temporarily set back by a potentially sub par bottle of Burgundy. How many supposedly great Burgs have we opened that under perform? If you do go for the Lignier, as many have suggested, I hope it over performs.

Happy 25th!

4 - more fun. I defer to the experts here as to which bottle for the private tasting.

Forget that, go find a 1993 Auslese with good provenance.

Ponsot made really good 93’s and it’s not a vintage in red I’m particularly fond of.
Chapelle and Griotte are delicious.
Never tasted the 93 Chambolle Charmes.
Good luck!

Easy choice, I am a sucker for Hubert Lignier MSD 1er Cru.

Just drink beer.

No, bubbles! :wink:

The Groffier is a very good wine.

The Lignier Morey is one stunner of a wine. I actually prefer it to his clos de la Roche. Also goes back to when romain was making the wines there. No brainer.

Thank you everyone! I can’t believe everyone (well accept for the auslese and beer exceptions [tease.gif] ) actually stayed WITHIN the parameters laid out. Are you all feeling ok?

Now, for the embarrassing admission. I can’t find our orphan bottle of 1993 Lignier! I’ve had it, I own it, I’ve misplaced it. (At least I found two bottles of the '98 – not as good and not relevant to our anniversary, but still…) Man, I wish there wasn’t such strong consensus for that wine. [swearing.gif] My goal will be to find it by next year. [cheers.gif]

In the meantime, I guess I’ll bring one of the other bottles and see if the beverage manager talks me into the pairing instead.
I really appreciate the advice,