Help I need a list of Wineries that have closed.

I am looking for wineries that have closed. If you know of a data base please let me know of if you just know the name of one two or more post them here thanks for your help

Top of my head:
San Permis

Thanks does not have to be USA only can be from anywhere


Thanks Corey not a real good source

Are you looking for wineries that have “closed” closed or wineries that have “closed” but the lables are still around? If the latter you can start a list by looking at Bronco’s line-up.

Then i add R Wines from Grateful Palate to my list.

Sean thanks I was/am trying to put together a tasting. I just attended my best friend’s wife’s funeral. She died at 42 leaving 2 kids (under 10) and a husband. Ovarian cancer took her. Every Thursday we host a tasting in the store I wanted to theme it “Gone but not for gotten” and have wines that are no longer “produced”. All the funds from this tasting will go to the charity she selected prior to her passing. I came up with and have selected Domain Alfred, Garretson, Cosentino (M.Coz), Pax, and Bhrens and Hitchock. I am hoping to do another one of these themed tastings for her again so i am still looking but these are what I had in my cellar. Thanks you for all your help I would love if you guys continue to leave ideas for this theme on this thread.

That first link looks like a mighty good starting place.

I’m sorry to hear about the reason why you’re asking the question. Best of luck.

The sign at Blackstone got covered up a few months ago. So did the one coming down Diamond Mountain on Petrified Forest Rd. Can’t remember the name but do remember all the cats they had roaming all over the place.

PAX isn’t gone. Just on hiatus. Pax is bringing the brand back in the next year.

checked that first Corey unfortunately nothing was “common” or even things I had heard of. Hope your passover is going well. thanks for the help. I had also come up with Cloud View, Ceja, JJ cohn. Chadd I had R as well most of these I had sold through and do not have any stock on or bottles in the cellar.


Gone for now and yet not forgotten (If the Mayan’s are right i will not have to see it again)

That would be Graser- foreclosed n 2010. Presently for sale.


Clos Mimi still has a website but they did not produce wine last year.

Midlife Crisis
Martin & Weyrich


Isn’t Ceja still going full steam ahead?

While the vineyard is still quite active, Eaglepoint Ranch Winery shut down a year or two back, IIRC.