Help! How long (if at all) do I decant a magnum of 2015 D&R 'Rosewood' Mourvèdre?

In the interest of waving the flag on Thanksgiving, I will open and serve my sole magnum of 2015 D&R Rosewood Mourvèdre to my wife’s relatives (the ones I love). I’ve never tasted a Rosewood Mourvèdre before from any format, nor any other D&R 2015, so I don’t have much of a clue. What do you advise???

Not the Mourvèdre, but the 2018 rosewood carignan out of 750 needed 2+ hours to really get going last time I opened it. I also prefer Hardy’s wines with a lot of air, so I’d aim for 2-3 if you’ll have time to follow it for a bit.

Hopefully Hardy will chime in himself!

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