Help finding a good Mourvedre Rose

I’m a fan of the Donkey and Goat rose, and I think it is mostly mourvedre.

Two experiences that changed my preconceptions, and vastly expanded my boundaries of what rose wine can be:

  1. The first time I had a Lopez de Heredia rose (was the '95, I think)
  2. The first time I had a Tempier rose with a significant amount of age

Very different animals from each other, and vastly different animals from almost all other roses. I always try to keep a few bottles of Tempier around for aging.

(Oh, and I like Larry’s Mourvedre rose, too…)


Not much experience with Tempier, but I drank a really nice Liquid Farm rose about 3 nights ago, and +1 on the Bedrock.

Creekside Cellars in CO produces a terrific 50% mourvedre 50% cinsault rosé.

Liquid farm Rose is good at $20. Great easy summer drinking.
But if you want greatness, I would say Tempier as well. It’s not cheap but it is very well made. Significantly superior to any US based roses I have had.

Their flagship rose, Isabel’s Cuvée, is 100% Grenache Gris. But last year they made 1 liter bottles of El Dorado County Mourvèdre which was very tasty. By no means elegant, it did have the raciness and smokiness that I get in Tempier. I don’t know if they are repeating this but I hope they do.

I have a 2004 Tempier aging for science. I may open it this year.

Post tasting notes!

Perhaps off bottles or did not age long enough for them to strut their stuff, but had both the 2014 LF and Bedrock last summer and was not impressed. Perfectly gulpable and not bad by any stretch, but after drinking Tempier, Pibarnon and Pradeaux roses I always expect more complexity or wowza from Mourvèdre roses rather than merely an easy sipper. Probably an unfair comparison as Michael notes above Tempier stands apart from every other rose.

The only domestic Mourvèdre rose I’ve had that I found interesting was from Maison Bleue. Unfortunately, Jon stopped making it a few years back. I’m happy to stick with the tried and true from Bandol although one of these days I need to try the Tecero.

you are correct, I was thinking of Isabel’s as Mourvedre, but it is the 1 liter that uses that grape. thanks for the correction. I have enjoyed both.

With the bias that I import their wines disclosed, Pibarnon Bandol rosé classique is usually 60% moruvedre, 40% cinsault. Qualitatively, certainly rivals Tempier, and is significantly less $$.
For the first time ever, Eric de Saint Victor made a 100% parcellary selection Mourvèdre rosé called les Nuances, aged in terra cotta jar. 2014 vintage. It is simply outstanding. (Gilman’s note does not do it justice).

Liquid Farm is very good but it is always sold out.

Just poured my 15 at an event yesterday and will pour tank samples next week at Falltacular. I’m pretty excited about it :slight_smile:

And I will probably bring a bottle or two of my 12 to share as well.