Help finding a good Mourvedre Rose

I have a Syrah Rose (Scalon Cellars) and a Grenache Rose (Two Shepherds). I am looking for a mourvedre rose to top of the G-S-M and want to find a great one form the USA. Any suggestions?

Thanks for all your input.



Bedrock Ode to Lulu

Tables Creek Dianthus. A blend with Mourvèdre as the primary component, but lots of Grenache as well. If you are willing to step outside of the US, Tempier & Terrebrune both make fantastic MVD heavy blends.

I think all three mentioned so far are among my favorite CA Rose’s. Tercero is great, Bedrock eminently quaffable and Dianthus one of our favorite for a richer rose.

Tercero and Liquid Farm

I know you said USA, but I feel compelled to recommend Domaine Tempier’s Rose from the Bandol region of France. 55% Mourvedre with Grenache and Cinsault filling in the rest, it is arguably the best Rose in the world.

I agree. People object to paying $40 for rose, but I think it compares well to great $40 whites and reds.

Domestically, at its best, Bedrock, but it is pretty variable in style and quality from vintage to vintage. Tercero is good too.

Ding ding.

And ding if you must do one from the states. If not then the Tempier would be my choice as well.

Agree with all of the above, Adelaida out of Paso also makes a decent Mourvedre rose, may be just one step below the Tablas, LF and Bedrock. Haven’t tried the Tercero (yet).

I will add to my recommendation above that I have never met a Mourvèdre rose which did not improve after a year in bottle. (Of the ones listed here, I’ve had the Bedrock, LF, and Tempier).

If you are looking for something to open now, I’d suggest hunting down a prior year’s release.

Tasted the 2015 liquid farm at their facility, and it was wonderful. Not sure if it is released yet.

I agree with that - they usually seem better the next year.

Though we had the 2011 Tempier rose last year, and while still good, I think it had lost some energy and was less precise and fun than it would have been in year 2. So I wouldn’t suggest continued aging.

I am far from an expert in drinking ‘aged Roses’, but for a data point, I opened a bottle of my 2012 Mourvedre Rose on Thanksgiving, and though it had a lost a step with regards to fruit vibrancy, it was still very much alive . . . and I was excited to see this.

I’ll be pouring my 2015 Mourvedre Rose at Falltacular - it’ll be bottling the following week so it will be a tank sample - and I’m excited to hear what folks think of it.

And I’ll try to bring a bottle of perhaps my 2012 or 2013 Rose to the Friday night dinner.


If looking for a U.S. mouvedre rose, try Liquid Farm.

^^^ This

One other thing to take into account - do you care if it’s 100% Mourvedre of just that Mourvedre is the key variety? Something to consider - and there’s no ‘right or wrong’ answer here . . .

A blend of majority Mourvedre works, the Syrah I am using is 75% I believe and 25% Muscat, although it would be awesome for 100%! haha

+1 on the Bedrock Ode to Lulu. It is my favorite Rose, by far.