Heartwood and Oak?

Has anybody here ordered from them? The wines they offer look like they are might be respectable, and according to comments online, if you get their ‘first time buyer’ offer, you get vouchers for $100 off subsequent orders, meaning you’d get the 6 packs featured on the homepage for about $50, which could be a good deal.

But I’m always suspicious of these sorts of too-good-to-be-true offers.


Never heard of, but looking at the homepage that’s an awful lot of wines I’ve never heard of. Like a lot of these clubs (Naked Wines etc) I assume these are commissioned labels. $50 a 6 pack sounds about right. The Cala de Poeti 6 pack- the Maremma sells for $6 at Trader Joes.

Don’t do it. Most of their wines are little more than bulk juice with a made up brand on the label.

Very useful info Dale, thanks.

Lots of wines I’ve never heard of. Like labels my local shop sells real cheap.

Yeah, I can probably do better at Aldi (which isn’t saying a whole lot). Not going to bite.