Healdsburg-ish Rental Recs?

Hoping some of our California crowd or frequent travels will have advice here. 2 couples planning a week in and around the area in mid-July. Would love to find a house or apartment rental with some character, convenience, and a reasonable rate (aka cheaper than hotel). To be equitable, would be a plus to find 2 bedrooms that are comparable (ie no one gets the master while someone else gets stuck with the twin bunk beds). Something in a vineyard would be cool, though in town and walkable wouldn’t be a bad choice either. Any advice appreciated.

I lived in one of these properties for 6 months (one w/ a 30 night min), and it was pretty swanky.

They have some properties they rent by the night as well. At quick glance, it looks like they may start at about $400 per night.

http://www.healdsburgvacationhomes.com/vacation_rentals.php" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I’m sure there are plenty of others.

Also check out this site:

Kathleen Inman has a rental at Olivet Grange
http://www.olivetgrange.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
(probably worth signing up for the wine club if interested as you get 15% off the rental)


Thanks to everyone for the recommendations! Here’s what we’ve ended up booking, but if anyone sees a land-mine, please don’t hesitate to tell me:

The Chauvet-a 3/2 in a historic “downtown” Glen Ellen hotel, which has been turned into 6 apartment units (6 nights)

White House Inn-downtown Napa (2 nights)-sister property to 1801 First Street Inn, which we have enjoyed in the past. Ended up here for 2 nights as we were unable to find a house or apartment that worked for us which was available the entire 8 day period we needed.

I know I started planning very late for the time of year we’re traveling. The opportunity to take the trip was somewhat unexpected, otherwise I’d have been months ahead of the curve.

Side rant: I am amazed (and this has been the case in the past when I did plan far ahead) by how few rentals provide king sized beds; or if so only 1. (I sort of have a rule that I shouldn’t be less comfortable on vacation than I am at home.) I know that many renters are families with kids who don’t need it. But in our case (2 adult couples who need somewhat equitable facilites to share) it’s limiting and seems like a lot of owners would lose potential rental opportunities. And if my kids were traveling with me, they could sleep in a king bed just as easily as a queen or double.

The one thing that jumps out-- None of the locations are Healdsburg-ish…

Glen Ellen is a trek (45min+ on mostly non scenic road) to Healdsburg, add in more time to spots on Russian River, Dry Creek, Alex. Valley, Sonoma Coast, etc. Not a fun drive after a day of tasting or a big meal.

Hi Hardy. Yes, I forgot to mention that I sort of compromised my location in the process. Healdsburg seemed especially sold-out of rentals and even the higher-end hotels.

I convinced myself (aka rationalized) that this change was okay due to closer proximity to other areas where we want to taste/visit (Sonoma Square, St Helena, Spring Mountain). And that’s we’d have to make the trek to Healdsburg one of the days, but we have a built-in designated driver who doesn’t drink wine.

You are right though, I ended up not conforming to what I asked for. I’ve previously been to Healdsburg, but not Glen Ellen. Do you think the environs and offerings around Glen Ellen are okay? I know it’s less of a developed/“urban” city area than Healdsburg. Thanks!

There are plenty of spots in and around Glen Ellen and Sonoma, so I think you’ll be fine. It was just if you were looking to focus on wineries primarily in the Healdsburg area (or West Sonoma), that I’d reconsider.

Make a reservation for Girl and the Fig in Sonoma one night, and if you dig art, make a reservation to walk around Di Rosa Gallery http://www.dirosaart.org/oldindex.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Sounds like a great trip!

Chad, this place might be worth checking out: http://www.hcountrygardens.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

We stayed there a few years ago and it seems to fit what you’re looking for.

hey Chad -

i live in Kenwood, which is about a 3 minute drive from Glen Ellen. there are a few quality dining establishments in the “town” of Glen Ellen proper, and pleny more in Sonoma (about 15 minutes south). let me know what your wine preferences are, and i’d be happy to provide recos.

also, i’ll be at Enkidu Wines as of June 15, so please drop me a line and let me know if you’d like to stop by for a tasting…i’d be happy to take care of you and your group.


Hi Paul,

Appreciate the offer, I’m positive we’ll take you up on it. Will PM you closer to our trip when we know our schedule better.

As for other recs…we’re a group of slightly diverse palates. While all of us will drink/taste everything, we have one contingent that leans more toward cabs, syrahs, petite sirahs, italian varietals and generally big/bold wines. The other also likes cabs and syrahs, but has a significant pinot bend as well.

Here’s what’s currently on my list. I welcome any advice, whether it’s another “can’t miss” place, warning me off on one of these, or whatever:

Places with contacts:
Bedrock-plan to call Morgan, who is often on the boards
Holdredge-ditto above with John
Alpha Omega-ditto above with Jean

A day on Spring Mountain:
Erna Schein (& Relic)
Spring Mountain Vineyard (maybe)

In and around St Helena:
Tres Sabores

Forestville area:
Paul Hobbs
Wind Gap

Healdsburg area:
Lambert Bridge (maybe)


Make an appointment with Craig at the Sojourn tasting room, which is just off of the S.E. corner of the Sonoma town square. You won’t regret it.

i would add Hartford Family Winery in Forestville (pinot-centric crowd) and Maruitson Wines in Healdsburg (for the big and bold contingent) as “can’t miss” when you’re out this way. also, Alpha Omega is a great choice.