HDH April Burgundy catalogue

Is out. Wonder who consigned those mags of 1996 Truchot. I have never seen a Truchot magnum - but would sure love to drink that 1996 Charmes - it is one of my favorite - maybe my absolute favorite - Truchots of all time (the CdR, while good, doesn’t hold a candle to it).

So if you buy it, let’s drink it together! I will be happy to bring other Truchot bottles.

What’s the estimate on 96 Truchot Charmes mag? 5k?
For a wine that was prob $100 around 15 years ago.

1600-2400 for the Charmes Mag (1 mag)
2000-3000 for the Clos de la Roche Mag (1 mag)

Both 1996’s

I will take the over on those estimates

As a devoted and experienced Truchot fan who has had both of these wines out of my own storage - and knows the bottles were purchased on release and properly stored - I’m telling you that in 1996 the Charmes is by far the superior wine.

FYI on Truchot -

$4,200 hammer for the 1996 Charmes-Chambertin Mag (1 mag) - Estimate 1600-2400
$4,500 hammer for the 1996 Clos de la Roche Mag (1 mag) - Estimate 2000-3000