Hawaiian island to visit

I did helicopter the first time, they took us around the entire island. Zipping75’ above the ground and all of a sudden having Waimea Canyon drop off below was vey cool. Then following it to the coast, but I’d love to sail it.


That’s our current thinking.
Sea caves, snorkeling, etc.

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Wine shops?
As much as I like Warren’s Champagne on big island trip, we’re also bringing golf clubs so a wine suitcase might not be practical.

One week just north of Lihue
One week in Waikoloa
One week at Waikiki

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We did a boat tour this past September with a small family run boat
Catamaran Kahanu https://catamarankahanu.com/
We were very happy with the experience.

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While on the Big Island, Kona wine merchant
73-5613 Olowalu St #1, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

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Tamura’s on Oahu and Maui. They have multiple locations.

Oh yeah, on the way into Hanalei on Kauai there is the Blue Dolphin restaurant, go around back for a fish shop experience to cherish. Get the highly addictive Ono salad, poki, great rolls or very fresh fish. There is another good one in Koloa Town on the way to Poipu.
Be sure to go to the shop called Havaiki in Hanalei which specializes in South Pacific culture, art and artifacts, sorta like going to a small museum, but you can buy what you encounter.
I just got back from 10 days at the family house on Hanalei Bay with one day of rain 80-81 degrees daily and it rained at night.
There is good reason why there are so many billionaire’s homes on the island-hard to beat Kauai.


It looks like fees are high (and double ended).
Plus, we have sucky suck suck Wells Fargo–I’m not sure the best way to get cash. I don’t want to travel with a giant wad of cash.

Do you really need a lot of cash? When I’m on island I pretty much use my credit card everywhere including some vendors at the local farmer’s market that take venmo and such nowadays. I usually get about $400 out of my local bank before I board and that’ll last me at least two weeks.

My two cents…

Do you have a Schwab or FIdelity account? If so, get an investor checking account linked to your brokerage account and the debit card you get doesn’t have fees they charge. My Schwab reimburses the hosting bank’s ATM fees up to 4 x per month.

Stop into a Long’s Drug and buy something, get cash back. Bypasses atm fees.

Thnx for replies.
We’re still figuring it out. I rarely carry much cash so if I can use a card at most places, I should be good.

Credit unions frequently issue no fee atm cards.

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Kauai is my favorite island for sure, but the big island is nice for golf and more reliable weather. Mauna Kea and the new Auberge properties are great. Golf is great. Food just okay as it is in Kauai.

I actually like Honolulu for good food. I hang out at the Outrigger Canoe Club during the day or go for a day trip to lanikai. Easy to add on a couple days in HNL to any hawaii trip.

Remember that Kauai has basically one road, so moving around the island can be a pain. Personally, I would recommend staying on the east or north coasts. Getting around the island from Poipu will be very time consuming. (Edit: hadn’t realized how old this thread is. may have been overtaken by events. :wink:)

I agree with @Joe_Dulworth. We’re headed to Maui in a few days, and I’ll take a couple hundred in cash, mainly $20 and $5 bills, planning on using it primarily for tips. Credit cards are almost universally accepted.