Hawaii new law - no wine on the table at 10PM

Hawaii is quite backward.
Last night at our dinner-out we were informed -
“in 30 minutes no wine is allowed on the table!”

New law from the Governor.
We certainly will stop the COVID in Hawaii
from 10 PM on.
Fnnng nut’s… we were entertaining a major
out of state client with 3 wonderful bottles open
and still on the salad course,
not yet even was the main entrée close - & away with the wine.


How do laws like this get passed? This makes no sense at all that I can see.

Remember when the emergency "in coming " nuclear rockets sounded and tourist hid in hotel basements and one family went into a sewer?
I live in a very upscale neighborhood in town, and there is an area, that is approx. 10 city blocks by 6 city blocks that has new high rise condo’s and commercial - auto body repair and car repair and so on.
And some gentlemen has told everyone for about 15 years he owned the streets and everyone had to pay him - for nothing. And most small business complied. Or he would tow their car.
You would have to live here to understand why the emergency alarm system in my bldg. goes off and announces empty the bldg. - do not use the elevators and climb down the stairs.
I live in the 39th floor and I just ignore the continuing alarm.

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