Haut Marbuzet 2003

Opened just now, with an initial 2003 nose - somewhat prune-like. But tightened up in glass, albeit with some excessive oak derived notes. I am a fan of Haut Marbuzet. Not sure what to think but will try later with roast chicken with lemon, olive oil and fresh rosemary. Will come back with notes on how it tastes with dinner.

Panos - Have you had the 2000 recently? We were given a bottle as a wedding gift in 2005 and have been considering it for consumption on our five year mid 2010.

The nose improved over time, although I get a vague hint of volatile. Somewhat meaty as well as plum-like, with oak-derived aspects, again, which are not annoying but perhaps just a bit too at hand. The palate proved rich enough for the rosemary-flavored roasted chicken, with baked potato. It is good, if a bit disjointed, as if the acidity and the alcohol are not meshing completely. That said, it is an enjoyable drink but I have had more pleasure from Haut Marbuzet… I have not recently had the 2000. The last time was in 2007, and if I remember correctly, somewhat better balanced than the 2003.

Was this the bottle with the pushed cork? Sometimes I get VA with bottles that have had cork issues.

Nope, lol, that wine was the Haut Bailly 1998, a far better wine very likely… but I will have to try it soon.

Tasting better the next day, surprise surprise.
The nose is better, a curious mix of ashes and red and dark fruits.
The palate is smoother, alcohol and acidity more cohesive today.
Not the brightest of wines but, again, pleasant and rich enough, with a good if not long finish.