Has wealth or income materially affected your wine purchases?

If you can’t figure it out nobody can help you.

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It is unfortunate that there are different wealth levels. However we are talking about wines that are well made and taste well. No one says u have to have a Bentley but go to the dealer and drive one or make an equal anology. By and large that Bentley is just better way better. You did t spend for the Bentley but at least you know what it is and why it cost so much. As I previously said some people buy for taste and other buy for taste and that wine being well made. At a certain price point with each grape in each area your odds are better getting a good tasting well made wine as u move up the price point. Learn experience it if u can for ones own knowledge. It may help one select a better wine at their price point whatever that may be. Price should not over shadow the knowing of what makes a wine excellent

Back to original question; the answer is yes and significantly.

I am much more willing to spend much larger sums on wines now than ever before. This is a combination of being older and in a better financial situation but most importantly there are wine experiences I seek that can only be had with more costly bottles. There are wines I love that cannot be had cheaply and since I love them and can afford them, I buy them. Not a lot of wines in this category, maybe half a dozen makers.

When I was younger I was very reluctant to spend more than $100 on a bottle. Twenty years ago my average $/bottle was $40-$60, now it is quite a lot more.

Life is short and uncertain and I am willing to spend more to get what I really want to drink whilst I still can.

cheers Brodie