Has The Whole Anti-Anti-Critic-Schtick Schtick Gotten Old?

Let’s get meta!

You have evolved. You no longer depend on internet wine bulletin board members for guidance when it comes to your wine critic subscriptions. But yet you still feel the need to disparage them often suggesting irrational motives for their opinions. And often you disparage those who feel that they serve a valid purpose. If I wasn’t [sic] so annoyed by the whole thing I would probably find it amusing. Perhaps there are irrational reasons why some feeled [sic] compelled to discredit those for whom they maintain they have no use. But then I’m sure some think that they are protecting the gullible from the evil board members. A consumer service of sorts. It’s gotten old and tired. But I’ll keep [head-bang.gif]

Stop making sense! [cheers.gif]


Already? We need to go deeper.

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Point taken. Or at least appreciated.

But in our own lives, we are each a critic and want our opinions to be taken seriously and that means garnering some sort of validation. For a commercial critic, that validation can come via subscription numbers, event invites, tweets/references/score advertising, or even mentions on a board like this. For collectors, the value of the bottles in our collections are partly the value that we ascribe to them, partly what we pay for them, and partly what other people might pay for them. We have a stake in either confirming or refuting critics. So I’m not surprised when knowledgable wine buyers lash out against influential critics. But I agree that it’s often amusing and often a bit much.

In medicine, every time we give a presentation at a national meeting, we have to disclose any and all financial ties to companies that we might have. Wine critics owe their livelihood and existence to wine producers and buyers. Hard not to be extremely skeptical of what drives ratings.

This whole thing is too nefarious for me.

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Just how many languages are you fluent in?!!! I am impressed

On the original subject, yes I get a bit bored when threads are laid out with a trench clearly marked and a battle is invited. Not that I have to participate in such threads :cool:

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Absolutely true. The “ideal” critic would be the one who buys and cellars all of his own bottles and reviews those exclusively (yay for certain people on CellarTracker). Meeting a winemaker can only cast a shadow on the impartiality of the reviews of said winemaker’s wines. But where are you going to get new vintage reports if you don’t meet the producers? There’s an inherent conflict of interest there, n’est-ce pas?