Has anyone had issues with exploding corks on the 2002 Dom?

I’ve opened 2 bottles of the 02 Dom over the last couple months with friends. In both instances, the cork just came FLYING OFF!!! [wow.gif] Both times, the bottles were well chilled, albeit the first one might have warmed up a little bit by the time we got to it. That cork started to come out before I even had a chance to get the capsule fully off. The other, which was very well chilled last night, went flying into Brad Ballinger’s kitchen ceiling when he was opening it. Both are from local Costcos, for what it’s worth, if anything. Has anyone else had this experience with the 02 (or other) Doms? Might it just be that the 02 needs time to literally settle down a bit?

yep, this has happened to me 100% of the time (2-for-2)…safety goggles now required!

That can happen with any sparkling wine. That is why people are instructed to hold their thumb over the top of the cork even when just unscrewing the metal cap. It happens to everyone.

Very true Chris. But this has happened on both my 02 Doms and Matt is also 2 for 2. On all the other Champagne bottles I’ve opened/seen opened over the years, I’ll bet I haven’t seen this happen more than 1 out of every 50 bottles. For some reason, the 02 Dom seems much more wired.

Extra sugar makes for more CO2? [stirthepothal.gif]

I’ve had one do that as well. Exploded all over me, a waitress and another guest at a dinner.

I’ve only opened one of these and had no problem. Could be that some corks were not inserted far enough into the bottle (usually~24mm),that too much lubricant was applied to the corks or that the cork or bottle neck is out of spec. Put a towel over the bottle and be careful. You do not need to take the wire hood off of the bottle just loosen it. Best, Bob

I’ve opened about ten or so bottles and been around when another five or six bottles have been opened and don’t recall an issue with any of them.

uhh…you’re never supposed to take your thumb off no matter what until the cork is out of the bottle, if you follow that, there is no way this happens.

Hmmmm. you must have one damn powerful thumb with thousands of pounds of counter pressure. [training.gif]

Dave, many years ago, my dad taught me to put a towel over any Champagne I open and very slowly ease the cork out allowing the pressure to release real slowly. This is the full proof technic for preventing flying corks and the slow open usually stops the wine from bubbling over. Plus it’s a lot safer.

Hey Craig. Yes, that is my exact procedure as well. I can’t say what Brad did or did not do, as I didn’t see him open the bottle, just heard him. As you know, he is probably “Mr. Champagne” in our group, so I trust he knows how to open a bottle of Champagne properly. The fact that others here have had some similar experiences does keep me wondering if something is different with the 02 Dom…

This is a silly OP to begin with, but now you’re discounting your own OP by acknowledging that champagne corks are prone to fly given the pressure built up.

Why the surprise?



That’s exactly what they called it at the site where I stole it. [berserker.gif]


Indeed. I don’t understand why anyone would do it any other way. (Well, I guess I can understand the thrill of sabring, but…) There’s a reason waiters always use a towel.