Harvest intern job openings in San Francisco

Hope this is ok to post here. From time to time I see people on the board looking for harvest intern work, and a place where I’ve worked part-time is looking for interns for this year’s harvest / crush season - info in the link from the winebusiness.com website:
Harvest Intern job openings at Mansfield-Dunne Wines in San Francisco

They’re particularly looking for full-time harvest interns but I’m pretty sure they will also consider part-time people as well.

If you’re not familiar with Mansfield-Dunne Wines, their urban San Francisco facility hosts many smaller wineries that you probably know, including some that have participated in BerserkerDay sales.

Having done crush work at a number of facilities, I can say that this place is very good to work at - good people, more reasonable work hour expectations for interns during crush than at many places, and overall a fun and educational environment. As I’m sure you know, it’s not easy work but it’s a perfect opportunity for those looking to get into the production side of the wine business or just to learn more about how wine is made.

Please pass this info along to anyone you think might be interested or anyone who might know someone who might be interested. Thanks, and cheers!