Harlan Estate- Da Vinci Card

I’m hoping someone can help me with this. I recently joined Harlan’s mailing list. I know I am in for a long wait, but was surprised to get this letter in the mail from the. It is heavy stock and embosssed. The quote inside reads:

“Where the spirit does not work with the hands, there is no art.”

  • Leonardo Da Vinci

What am I missing? I’m not sure if this is the “better luck next year” notice, or I just got admitted to a secret society. Any help explaining what this means (or why I got it) is much appreciated.

Don’t think you will wait too long. Tons of Harlan on secondary market at or below release prices.

The folks at Harlan periodically send out similar type missives to folks that are active on their mailing lists. The days of waiting awhile for an offer are long gone. OP should be surprised if he doesn’t receive an allocation offer the next time it rolls around.

lol, super secret society. They send stuff like that periodically to make you feel special.

Like the others have said, you will get an offer immediately.
Harlan is truly a special wine, but I only buy the Maiden.

Don’t bother with the mailer. You can shop for this wine in numerous places. I am getting the feeling that lots of places will be having sales soon. That being said, this is a really good cabernet. Is it worth it? Dunno. But one of the greatest bottles of wine I ever consumed was a 94 Harlan Estate